He also praised the realism of gay males having straight male friends. The actor added that the story gave Dom “an element of closure” over Lee. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The emotional abuse began soon into their relationship. Langford, Anthony 6 June This led viewers to suspect the show was developing a romance between the two character.

Archived from the original on 11 September In return he gets a “feeling of worth”, he realises that he is lucky to have Lofty’s support and he decides to accept his diagnosis. Alison asks for Dom’s help to visit Lee and rebuild her family. When it comes to fact versus fiction, Dom prefers to glamorise. His next relationship was developed with nurse Lofty Chiltern Lee Mead , which takes many episodes to develop. The relationship became popular with viewers who were eager for Dom to be happy. Isaac thinks the only way to break Dom into submission is to attack him.

Holby City characters Fopeland British people Fictional domestic abuse victims Fictional English people Fictional gay males Fictional characters introduced in The character goes on a journey emotionally and through his career at Holby City his personality changes.

Harper said it was a 0888 decision to make and it was discussed at length with executive producer Oliver Kent. Dom is attacked by a patient using a false identity.

The pair later begin to develop a romance. Ostlere told Kelly that Arthur “is very suspicious about Dominic but cppeland cannot convince Sasha. When he operates on Susan he loses concentration and has a needle stick injury.


Hearst Magazines UK 3: The Hepatitis C Trust.

Your Man Is Gay, Girl”. When it comes to fact versus fiction, Dom prefers to glamorise. Retrieved 27 April The latter subjects him to a violent attack which affects his career at the hospital.

Ames received many messages on social networking site Twitter about Dom and Lofty. Holby City series producer Kate Hall revealed that their friendship storypine develop into a love story.

Dominic Copeland

Dom addresses Isaac’s temper but he refuses to admit he has storypine problem. The story did include the element of emotional abuse, but only in one very violent scene did they depict Dom being attacked by Issac.

At First I Was Afraid”. This was the point writers introduced violence into the story. Lee is angry copelwnd confronts Dom feeling he is to blame. Holby City quickly developed a “best friend” partnership between Dom and fellow F1 Zosia.

Barry Copeland father [1] Carol Copeland mother [2]. Retrieved 22 September Issues arise because Isaac wants Dom “dangling on a string” and his “reason for wanting to destroy Dom is simply because he can.

When his “mask slips sometimes” and you learn that Dom “is vulnerable and underneath it all he is quite scared and timid.

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Sacha places Arthur in charge of Keller and Dom uses the opportunity to make Arthur appear unable to manage the situation. The actor concluded “as a gay man myself, it’s always very nice when you have those straight friends who are so beyond comfortable with you that they can act in ways that other people would perhaps question. Fiercely protective of, and generous towards, those he favours, Dom can also be surly and vindictive towards those he feels have betrayed him.


Dom has to tell his mother to “mind her own business for once”. To defend himself he is forced to admit that he kissed Dom. Gaining the role of Dominic meant a lot to Ames’ family who were already Holby City fans.

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As they both have open wounds he is not allowed to treat Shannon because it will infect her. He goes on to develop a close friendship with Arthur that proves significant to his character development. Over the course of the relationship it becomes problematic and Isaac turns violent and controlling towards Dom.

Plus he did not believe the audience would want to see such high levels of violence each week.