Special Investigation Unit Korean Movie. Love Forecast Korean Movie. For Acting I’ll give it 9 out of 10, for story 10 out of We Broke Up Korean Drama. Paradise Kiss Japanese Movie. For looks still feel weird I’d give her style an 8 out of For stars 3 out of 5. Northern Limit Line Korean Movie.

The Painter of the Wind Korean Drama. Padam Padam Korean Drama. Sky of Love Japanese Movie. Secret Door Korean Drama. He runs to her and they begin running, Hyun-seo trips, and her father lets go of her hand. Midnight Sun Japanese Movie. Protect the Boss Korean Drama. She studies hard so she can get into Hyung-Jun’s college.

Letters from Iwo Jima Japanese Movie. My Girl Japanese Drama. In His Chart Japanese Movie.

Almost Love Korean Movie. Aug 17, Kim Jaewon. Man on High Heels Korean Movie.

Space Brothers Japanese Movie. My Girl Korean Drama. It then goes ashore, and starts to attack people.

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Two Weeks Korean Drama. Dream High Korean Drama. Yamada kun to 7 nin no Majo Japanese Drama. Kokoro ga Pokitto ne Japanese Drama. She studies hard so she can get into Hyung-Jun’s college.


Zettai Kareshi Japanese Drama. One day well delivering food Gang-Du sees a crowd around the river. My Lady Korean Drama. The Bridal Mask Korean Drama.

Que Sera, Sera Korean Drama. Views Read Edit View history. I have to say her acting ability is refreshing, she brings realism in her role with out going overboard. The Pirates Korean Movie. Girl in the Sunny Place Japanese Movie. Incomplete Life Korean Drama. Hong Gil Dong Korean Drama. Innocent Thing Korean Movie. Don Quixote Japanese Drama. Cyrano Epiwode Korean Movie.

Salute D’Amour Korean Arroant. The only thing I’d say is once again the story line is a little windy but besides that. Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama. Trot Lovers Korean Drama. Remake Season 1 Japanese Drama. Dramaxrazy My Heart Korean Movie. Falling for Innocence Korean Drama. Boy from Wonderland Korean Movie. So for this one for story I’ll give it a 7 out of 10 for acting 6 out of Tree of Heaven Korean Drama. Sassy Go Go Korean Drama. The King of Dramas Korean Drama.


This of course starts there relationship on a wild ride of revenge against each other.

100 Days With Mr Arrogant Episode 1

Aug 19, My tutor friend. Eight Ranger Japanese Movie. It’s not over bearing and it sticks to its dramacazy line. Although there are many scenes that were taken out and also added in place, it was a big hit around that time to create movies that derived from internet fiction stories and writers.

You’re My Pet Korean Movie. Bunny Drop Japanese Movie. The Greatest Love Korean Drama. Her Lovely Heels Korean Drama.