Manning manages to stop the meltdowns with Stiles’ help. The duo takes shelter in a gun store which is owned by two Middle Eastern brothers who decide to stay and help them. In a reversal of the events of Day 1 , David Palmer warns Bauer of the attempt on his life, shortly after the nuclear missile is shot out of the sky. This page was last edited on 27 January , at They arrive and a shootout starts. Down this week. She agrees to help the investigation and heads with Manning to a company in the downtown Rockland building where they may be able to find a list of those involved. Paul has another incident and goes under surgery.

Related News The Expanse: Cheng debriefs Audrey and Stiles, and becomes certain that Bauer led the attack. Meanwhile, Almeida and Dessler begin to settle their personal problem. Down this week. CTU storms into their meeting place and finds the operative killed by Prado He claims it to have been in self-defense , but is arrested anyway. CTU estimates millions of casualties as a result of the upcoming meltdowns.

Stiles offers a way to stop the meltdowns, and James allows it. When negotiations break down, Jack leads a clandestine raid against the Chinese consulate and kidnaps Jong. Marwan deduces that CTU will find out arza plan in time to stop it and decides to keep them occupied with another issue.

Show all 7 episodes. Meanwhile, Richard is freed as he seems not to know anything. The plan works, and Bauer extracts Marwan’s location from Prado. Meanwhile, Buchanan tells Almeida that Dessler still cares about her. CTU sends forces to the hospital to locate Behrooz.

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Forbes orders his men to torture Manning for information. In saeson interview with Time magazine, Aghdashloo stated that although she had previously resisted reinforcing the stereotype of Sisted as terrorists, the strength and complexity of the role convinced dnia to accept it. Bauer is released on Logan’s order.

CTU finds out about the override with the help of Bauer and Tony Almeida and identifies the man responsible for using it: Meanwhile, CTU extracts a location from Lee. Archived from the original on May 28, When Jack saves a civilian programmer who discovered evidence of a cyber-attack in progress a friend of Chloe O’Brianhe allows one of the terrorists to escape and lead him to where Raines and Heller are being held. Karen, Debbie’s mother arrives at the Araz’s to find her before she is convinced that Debbie is not there.


As CTU sees two people leave the building and get into a car, Mandy tells Dessler on the phone that she prefers to die in order to avoid capture. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Bauer tells CTU sisted the phone line, which can help in their efforts to find Marwan.

Another guard manages to lift the mask of Howard Bern, one of CTU agents, who escapes with the others. Bauer leads the agents there, and Marwan is captured.

Show all 38 episodes. Bauer convinces Keeler to sign immunity for Behrooz and offers it to Dina in exchange for her cooperation, which she accepts if Behrooz is secured first. Navi instructs Behrooz, his teenage son, to deliver the briefcase to the compound where James and Raines are taken.

Bahai Faith, Washington DC. Bauer states that Bern is not the one in the picture, since he is on vacation. Bauer infiltrates the compound, finding Audrey in her cell. Marwan kills an agent and wears his uniform in order to escape.

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She had always wanted to be an actress, and soon began playing leading roles in Iranian theatre and film. Retrieved January 2, Logan gives him full authority to manage the crisis.

Bill Buchanan arrives from Division and assumes command. CTU finds out that the briefcase belongs to McLennan-Forster, a government contractor, and contains an override device that can cause meltdowns at the nuclear reactors across the country. Taylor states that she will talk if she is granted immunity, but Manning states that she can only get to survive by cooperating.


President John Keeler is seaosn that there isn’t enough time for a rescue mission; considering the broadcast and the execution will become a political scandal, he is convinced to order the compound be bombed, which would kill James and Raines.

He then leaves his old life behind and disappears into the sunrise. The Chinese government agrees to extradite Lee, but through legal channels, which takes too long to stop the attack. Logan realizes that he is incapable of running the office and decides to resign, but Novick dissuades him and calls former President David Palmer for help.

Marwan tells Anderson to deal with it fast. Palmer tips off Bauer, who starts a shootout with the agent before appearing to have died. Almeida updates Dessler on Bauer’s situation.

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Both films were banned in her home country; but, inAghdashloo won acclaim for her performance in Sooteh Delan Broken-Hearteddirected by Ali Hatamiwhich established her dnia one of Iran’s leading actresses. No, I do not. They escape to the streets, where it’s almost dark as a result of the power loss. Dina convinces Behrooz to shoot Debbie’s body, making Navi believe that he carried out the kill.

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Dina reveals a location vital to the planning of the nuclear meltdowns. Babak and Friends — A First Norooz. She arrives at the location, informs Behrooz and seadon escape; but she is shot in the arm by Navi.

The attack is intended to launch that day. How much of Shohreh Aghdashloo’s work have you seen?

Almeida and Dessler decide to leave CTU after the crisis is over in order to be together again. The suspect reveals that James Heller and Audrey Raines are the primary targets just as they are kidnapped.