Alera, the only human civilization, is surrounded by the savage icemen, the barbaric Marat, and the warg-like Canim. They’re supposed to be for your computer wall paper, but print out in monochrome well. Bernard and his Earth Fury, Brutus. There is something for everyone. Dangerous Women by George R. I did this one as an audio book with Kate Reading as the narrator. He is an excellent teacher. The book is extremely fun to read, and it’s highly recommended to all fantasy enthusiasts.

There was too little explanation of the Dianic League some feminist movement, from what I gathered and the relationships between the powerful houses of the realm. I love the Dresden files and I am looking forward to reading Changes. One of my favorite cartoons! The story has multiple threads, but the main ones follow Amara, a Cursor a sort of combination courier-spy , and Tavi, an apprentice shepherd. So here I am as the reader, disgusted when local farmers rape slaves for drama, and then confused as to why a perfectly good opportunity for drama and character development was dropped by the wayside. I tend to work on a event-by-event basis. I don’t really read a lot of high fantasy.

The battle scenes felt a little bit ok a lot more drawn out up to the point when they became boring. As much as I would like to know whether he ever does akera his powers, I was definitely not planning on finishing the series.

He is considered a “freak”. But he has new friends to stand by him and help him once chaos ensues. Showing us the Canim the way he does, the author allows us to see that in a war, aalera are no bad guys.

Best of Jim Butcher

The burcher was very exciting from the beginning and the switching between different characters not overly complicated because the story was focused on a major point and came to an end which was relatively closed and also made me interested in reading book two in the series. While this is no masterpiece, this is a solidly entertaining installment into the Fantasy genre. The story has multiple threads, but the main ones follow Amara, a Cursor a sort of combination courier-spyand Tavi, an apprentice shepherd.


I listen to it a bit evey night before going to sleep. Are you planning on putting out any more novellas exploring this cast, tthe the vein of Backup? Please try the search box located under this menu.

NPR stories about Furies of Calderon. It was actually full of action pretty much from the beginning and almost codexx lets up. They aren’t bad though, and eventually I got used to her so I wasn’t thinking about the fact that it was a woman attempting a man’s voice even though it was always apparent.

Now, the fate of the Alerans lies in the hands of Tavi, a young man who must use all of his courage and resourcefulness to save his people—and himself. The dynamics of aera leading men of the first legion are wonderfully portrayed while still leaving enough time for strategy and clever tricks to play on the enemy.

In fact, I’m not even sure what makes something high fantasy. The elemental powers drew strong parallels to Avatar: Amara and Bernhard spend a lot of time fighting the invading vord — an alien species whose attacking strategy chilled me to the bones.

Even overlooking the ridiculous amount of pronoun typos in various chapters, the world-building is mediocre at best. LOL Like I said, nerds: I try to give the readers my best effort with everything I write, and every time I finish a project, I want it to be something in which I can feel proud. I mean, sure there coedx a whole bunch of things about the world itself that I could have used more explanation on.

Best of Jim Butcher (63 books)

Aug 09, Anne rated it really liked it Recommended to Anne by: I liked it ocdex lot! Aug 29, Stephen rated it really liked it Shelves: I would say that Jim is up on my top ten list of favourite authors and high up I might add!

Aug 16, I often give the first book of a good series an extra star as a thanks for the introduction. But on the bright side, this book broke my record of never giving a book one star. Or maybe Kate Reading wasn’t the best choice for audio narrator. I cannot stress it enough. That blows butcjer mind that he got the idea from Pokemon and the lost Roman Legion on a dare.


View all 9 comments. Just buy it already Seties Oathbound: And to answer your next question, NO it was not lame and weird, YES it was a weries, brilliant high fantasy book.

Tavi wants to bring flowers to the girl he is sweet on, and is therefore so late bringing in the sheep that they wander away and are lost.

Yeah, you heard me. Looking for A great author, a Great series. The world-building seemed really fun. It starts to seem like the series is entering its second phase. He is also the codrx of the small community, where Tavi lives. First, I’d like to say I pretty much loved the concept of this book. Some of us don’t do well with that sort I don’t really read a lot of high fantasy.

It’s clear that there are larger things at stake, and that there’s a bigger game yet to be played, but this felt like a complete book, which feels unique for the start of a series. Oh poor, unwitting me.

She is about to infiltrate a rebel camp to gather intelligence. Current Giveaways Thoughtful Thursday: View all 6 comments.

Captain’s Fury (Codex Alera 4)

I tend to work on a event-by-event basis. I have not read Butcher yet terrible, I knowbut I recently acquired both the first Dresden Files and the first Alera books on audio.

Published June 28th by Ace first published October 5th The Alerans all have access to their furies that control metal, earth, fire, air, water and plants making them powerful in a very many interesting ways that you wouldn’t immediately think of as the traditional domains’ powers. I always answer this way to questions about the future storylines of the series: The one big secret that is revealed in this volume was partly predictable, but tied nicely into the larger story.