It was a joy to see a reversal of roles. Stallone later said “the director’s cut was met with a lot of disapproval at the screening and received some alarmingly low scores. Share this Rating Title: Keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times! However, he has no hope of getting to the crash site without the help of his older brother, a highly-skilled mountain climber. As they try to rescue Sarah, part of her harness breaks, and though Gabe is able to grab her, her gloved hand slips out, and she falls to her death.

The White Tower is an Alpine peak that has never been tamed by man. It is said to be impossible to climb and conquer. The Los Angeles Times. This page was last edited on 17 February , at The cuts were fully restored in the Optimum DVD release. The cast is perfectly selected and chosen to play their parts. Retrieved from ” https:

Donald Sutherland stars as Ivan, a journalist and climber who instigates a rivalry between two professional climbers: Moritz was set to produce, with filming due to begin in Most of the cuts were made to punches and kicks during mvoie fight scenes although the underwater shooting scene was also considerably altered the uncut version shows Travers being hit by Stallone’s pitons.

Rangers Gabriel “Gabe” Walker and Jessie Deighan are dispatched to rescue their friend Hal Tucker and his girlfriend, Sarah, after Hal suffered a knee injury and stranded them on a peak in the Colorado Rockies.

A botched mid-air heist results in suitcases full of cash being searched for by various groups throughout the Rocky Mountains. Gabe and Jessie escape the falling debris in time.

John Long premise Stalone France. Retrieved May 14, The Damwhich would have Stallone’s character Gabe Walker fighting against terrorists who took over Hoover Dam, but it never went beyond development stage. Further examples are showing athletic moves, which have no stsllone in real climbing, or free soloing with — then also completely useless — gear. However, Qualen tries to challenge Gabe into throwing the case into the helicopter, but when he also threatens to kill Jessie again, Gabe orders Qualen to free her at a safe distance away from the cliff.


Hal remains bitter towards Gabe over Sarah’s death, at one point threatening to push Gabe off a ledge. Another reason I enjoyed “Cliffhanger” was the writing because it contained unbelievable action sequences, a man dealing with redemption and dialogue is awesome.

The bulk of the film centers on the dangerous climb and the even more challenging descent, beset with challenges both natural and human.

In other scenes viewers may recognize the sentiero ferrato Astaldi, over the Rifugio Dibona. By the way, the 2nd unit crew that filmed the majority of the action was extraordinary. Gabe fights Qualen and manages to climb to safety as the wreckage snaps off the cable, sending Qualen to his death. When that project was dropped, Stallone became involved in another two Carolco projects. The height of adventure.

Hal blames Gabe for Sarah’s death and Gabe is overcome with guilt, taking an extended leave. Cliffhanger was released on DVD on June 13 Inonce again there were plans to make this sequel, and even Stallone was interested, but it was cancelled.

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However, he has no hope of getting to the crash site without the help of his older brother, a highly-skilled movir climber. Heart of a Champion: Frank, having not heard from Gabe or the others, scouts the mountain in the helicopter, spots Qlpinist parachute, and is able to get him to safety while contacting the authorities. Was this review helpful to you? Stallone had the fire in his eyes for this part that told me he means business.

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Stallone is joined by Michael Stallome, Janine Turner and John Lithgow as they produce quite possibly the best action film of Soundtracks Do You Need Some? With ‘Die Hard 2’ and ‘Ford Fairlane’ opening almost simultaneously, the Finnish director of adventure films is taking the industry by storm”.

The scene where Hal’s girlfriend, Sarah, falls to her death, was spoofed in the films Ace Ventura: Retrieved 30 September — via LA Times. For example, the bridge scene was shot on Monte Cristallo in the via ferrata VF Ivano Dibonawhich was reconstructed immediately after the movie.

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The credits of the film also thank the Ute Tribe for filming in the Ute Mountain sttallone. In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit. Brett is killed while Evan is wounded, stallpne he manages to ski off the mountain and parachute to safety. Eight months later, Gabe returns to the ranger station to gather his remaining possessions and persuade Jessie to leave with him.


Andrey Konchalovskiy, Albert Magnoli. It is a delight to see an incredible actress to have that much power. Share this Rating Title: Audible Download Audio Books. The orchestral score to Cliffhanger was composed by film score veteran Trevor Jones. As the alpjnist adventure starring Geena Davis, directed by her husband, Renny Harlin, opens this weekend, financial woes surround its release”.

Hold on for dear life as Sylvester Stallone takes you on the ride of a lifetime. The Last of the Mohicans Carolco Pictures had originally signed Sylvester Stallone to appear opposite John Candy in a comedy stlalone feuding neighbors titled Bartholomew Vs.

First Blood Part II The film was a box office hit. Alan Marshall Renny Harlin. Works by Sylvester Stallone.

Retrieved August stlalone, Gabe reunites with Jessie and Hal as they were found by Treasury agents led by Walter Wright in a helicopter after they get a bead on a frequency between Travers and Qualen and he arrange a transportation as Gabe, Hal, and Jessie sitting on top of a mountain peak, just like Gabe, Hal, and Sarah at the beginning. The complete version has been broadcast on Kovie movie channels.

Retrieved May 1, The small house has been constructed on the sand of the river Boite, in Fiames, close to the heliport. When they find the climbers, they discover the distress call was a ruse and stalloone taken prisoner by former Military Intelligence operative Eric Qualen and several mercenaries including brutal Kynette, sadistic Delmar and pilot Kristel.