Evidence has cleared Demir from any suspicion. When Asi learns that he wants a divorce she is disappointed and saddened. You can come with me and we can go home together. We didn’t know what to do. I have something I need to do. Demir didn’t because he has mercy on them. I can go now then.

But wherever you look, you can see the sky. Considering that in Istanbul you even decided things for me, I’m surprised. And we also didn’t sit still. Views Read Edit View history. The same like always. Asi and Demir have long been divorced.


Why is she trembling like this? Considering that in Istanbul you even decided things for me, I’m surprised. See our usage guide for more details on englsih.

From this day forward, he will participate in all the decisions that is made in this company. The time has come to use it against him.

She is able to give him courage and hope by declaring her love for him. Eventually, Asi gives birth to a daughter. Not just 5 times, even if you would sing it times I would never get pagt up with your voice, pretty thing.

The jealous Zafer can’t watch this inertly and kidnaps Kerim. You made them for Defne didn’t you? You’re making fun of me. I wouldn’t have hidden anything from you.


Asi encounters Zeynep at Demir’s house and draws the wrong conclusions. On Asi and Demir’s wedding day, Demir is arrested. Asi quits her job at Demir’s farm. I will talk to your mother and solve this. She was very upset girl.

By doing this, you disobeyed me and your mother. To Demir’s dismay, Ali openly shows that he is attracted to Asi. Leyla, Defne is not doing well. Use the following code to embed this video. They are from the greenhouse next to the farm.

In an attempt to save her life, Kerim and Demir go to Istanbul. We didn’t know what to do. This concerns the whole family, so isn’t it logical englisg the whole family would decide on something like this? And you don’t even care.

Demir is under observation.

He has changed into me. And the other half of the responsibility is yours because you believed him.

Asi Bolum – Part 2 – English Subtitles – فيديو Dailymotion

Defne we did what we had to do, let’s go. You’ll go subtiles the courthouse and get a divorce. Her family were really tough with her today. We’ll find another place to buy the things. Most things are done you can do the rest. Especially when Demir, by mere chance, meets Asya without knowing that she is his daughter.

Asi 64.Bolum – Part 2 – English Subtitles

Defne and Kerim divorce because she believes that he is cheating on her. Holum are gathering an association for this and voted for mister Ihsan to take the lead. You will not be against this will you? Demir, however, doesn’t want Asi to leave town. Leave this up to me. Aren’t I the only son you have as the owner of this ranch? And any guy would be happy to have her as his wife.


Asi and Demir reconcile while Defne decides to divorce Kerim. They really love each other and need our support so please aasi not upset them tonight. The kids love each other and are together now. If you keep pwrt standing by that family and helping them, you will lose me Demir. And to be honest your talk doesn’t suit us.

With this revelation Asi starts to understand why Demir englisu to keep his distance from her. Asi can no longer trust Demir despite his constant pleas for her to trust and believe in him.