This works fairly well indoors, but getting an external monitor with a hood or EVF electronic viewfinder is recommended if shooting outside at all. Smaller, lighter, easier to use, removable batteries, cheaper storage, no “rig” necessary for hand holding or any shooting for that matter. The BMCC was a marvellous and maddening machine. Jose April 1, at 8: We’ve learned a lot by doing this, and hope we’ll continue to find new ways to put this amazing camera to work! Sun Dec 02, 8:

I took the camera for a test run. I have seen footage of 60fps footage elsewhere, and obviously you spoke about battery life, but there seems to be no evidence I have seen with these pre-releases of global shutter being used and actually working. I am really looking forward to receiving my Micro Cam. This is really amazing.. Mon Feb 18, 1: Hey John — if you need a camera right away or could benefit from the on board monitor, I would definitely consider going with the pocket.

At some point in the future I would love to do a review on this camera! Tue Feb 26, 4: Like any camera, the way you treat it on set and maguc post is going to be what matters most.

Thu Jan 31, So while the two micro cameras appear similar on surface they are completely different and have vastly different uses and applications.

10 Beautiful Shots With A Black Magic Cinema Camera

Personally, I’d say no to super-8, but to each there own. What Blackmagic has delivered with this camera is a relatively small, 3. All I need now is a wider fast lens. Shot this afternoon in a Bristol, RI Audubon wildlife sanctuary. Wed Feb 13, 8: Also how is the battery life and overall handling with the monitor? Noam Kroll is an award-winning Los Angeles based filmmaker, and the founder of the boutique production house, Creative Rebellion.


Noam Kroll June 21, at 6: Feel free to e-mail me at info noamkroll. Hi, i want to buy the blackmagic micro cinema camera.


Noam Kroll January 26, at 7: May I ask why you put cinem monitor cxmera the bottom in the picture? For SSDs, btw highly recommend only the Sandisks. Yes, but the rolling shutter should only be felt during panning, correct? His work can be seen at international film festivals, on network television, and in various publications across the globe. Wondering also if they will slow phase the pocket out? The Blackmagic Cinema camera, so this is the 1st gen 2. Do you find that your footage is super desaturated?

Apart from technique, I like very much your cinematic storytelling and visuals.

Is there anything better than the BMCC

Hi, First off, great website, and great short. I’d like to get a sense for how good it sounds. However, I wouldn’t do much with it after that. Running to work, so I won’t be able to answer right away, but will later.

MICRO: A Short Film Shot On The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera | Noam Kroll

Now Blackmagic Designa company primarily known for making breakout boxes and the post-production color correction software DaVinci Resolvehas introduced a new line cinemx cameras specifically targeted at the indie filmmaker. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How is the handling? Wed Jan 09, 4: I thought you might want cameea add this one to your list. Are you planning to do a full review?


I first experimented with the Canon 5D about a month after it was released in September of Fri Feb 22, 8: I don’t have sample frames from the FS, regrets.

Can you please guide me on how to go about it and set yourself up.

10 Beautiful Shots With Made A Black Magic Camera

Fri Feb 08, 9: Jan Ciinema Soerensen 25 Apr That said, the audience for the pocket was pretty split. Maybe, I have shot a lot with the 4k version too. Sure, all valid points, but I do have the rig, the same one I used for my GH4, all the lenses, and speedboosters to adapt Nikon lenses as for the SSDs, they’re not that bad!

The attached frame grabs are “straight” from the camera. Delano January 19, at 7: Haven’t really noticed FPN on the 2. I suggest everyone go to some forums on the 4k, and start asking when all of the 4k preordered cameras will finally ship? Wed Mgaic 22, 4: Hey there — thanks for xhort kind words! Wed Oct 24, 7: Lastly, we did a fair amount of shooting outdoors to get an idea of how the camera could handle daylight exteriors.