Some time passes, and Se-kyung heads to an expensive boutique to purchase a new outfit for an upcoming interview. Kyung Ho, her husband, was forced to marry her and abandon the woman that he loved. I appreciated him and his ability to make you like a shallow written character. Chanel February 12, at 1: You are commenting using your WordPress. Hyun Soo was calculative, smart; she thought out her next move and even when the evil Bok Hee would turn the tides, they were usually and merciless short.

Page 56 Scene Recap Episode 74 , 75 and 76 , Find him totally charismatic, and SJ’s affection for SK is believable. I cannot believe we have reached the half way mark!! Dong-wook finds him asleep in his bed, though he initially fears that Seung-jo could have overdosed on sleeping pills. Previous Thai Drama Weekend: Page 42 Scene Recap Episode 52 and translation Episode Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. So, if you have any of these cable television networks that are showing this drama, I really suggest you watch.

She held the story firm and made sure that we, the viewer were totally satisfied with the events as the story progressed.

So the ending just makes me wonder if she’s really a gold-digger who has succeeded scandl landing her catch. Looking forward to everyone in their next drama. Not just about love, but life in general. Thanks for the hard work! I really liked the themes explored in this show, I just wished it didn’t suffer from a uneven tone, b all the melo over not being a Candy girl – always a totally unrealistic and ridiculous character, Episoe and c MGY.

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Mystisith January 30, at 6: She tells Joo Na how they stayed together in the same room they did not ; they looked like lovers not friends they did not. What’s not to like? This drama deals with the ugly side of scandals as well eisode the deep roots disguised within the symbol of wealth, prestige and the desire of high society in Cheongdam District, Seoul; An area which epitomizes the wealthy lifestyle. By rubie Started December 5, They may not understand each other quite perfectly yet, but they are certainly willing to try.


Perhaps because I love her so much.

I understood heroine’s struggles and she became way more agreeable to watch. This story line was first mentioned by a soompi poster valsava, we salute you for the Cheongdamdong Scandal forum. She worked very hard to raise her two sons and become rich and wants her sons to marry people who match their family status, especially her elder son, Soo Ho.

Page 49 Scene Recap Episode Which not all actors can handle. Happy that he takes the advice of Hyun Soo and starts to make his arranged marriage filled with love. Might I add that the same people who disliked how the story ended, are also the same that complain how every kdrama is the same and etc, but when they get a different drama, they dislike it because it didn’t go the way they wanted it to be. Perhaps he can recommend her humble boutique and designs to someone.

Mystisith January 30, at 5: Agree– those two were adorable, but sadly underused. Sure, we have seen mother-in-law MIL hate before on many occasions and not just in daily dramas; however, what makes this drama unique is the lengths that a MIL will go in pursuing the utter loathing of said daughter-in-law DIL. If you’d wtch her other projects To transport us to realities where things are possible that might not be in our lives.

Really, do you have to keep your eyes half-shut, half in dreamland, to be happy in this world because of all of the horrible things in reality?

When I saw the repetition, I noticed the heroine didn’t have a notebook with her and sensed what was coming Who didn’t really love her back after all even though he said so. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She’s more animated and impressive cheongadmdong she’s angry and intense.

I enjoyed the journey of the whole drama. But please can he get a lead role.

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Unless cast in stone ahead of time, or written with nervous rigidity, dramas will naturally gravitate towards the more interesting episose well-played character. Apart from that, I really really liked how this show made me think. Tentatively, he reaches forward and kisses her gently. Posted July 11, Instead of a fluffy love story, I got a story about personal growth as each character came to terms with reality and tried to find their place in this world.


Even though dramas and books are mostly fiction, it doesn’t mean it has to be easy to understand. Page 65 Scene Scnadal Episodes 95 and Wondering if this might actually be the reality, he asks the same thing as he did in his dream: But, like Ah-jeong said, everybody knows this but you need to keep the pretense up in order to be able to live and be happy.

It does not always make for entertaining drama, though, so perhaps that is why the writer thought she epiaode to have the In-hwa sub-plot. But at the conclusion, the kissing scene seemed awkward and unromantic. At the fertility laat, the poor doctor informs Soo Ho of his condition which is so severe that he will never, I mean never father children. Raiho80subs By fans for fans. Not my cup of tea. Han Se didn’t even do anything that shocking to get that gold digger reputation yet everyone was blaming her and making a huge fuss over it.

At least, cbeongdamdong how I perceive it. And why in the world did the entire family just tiptoe so much around The Dad?

And I guess someone already has said that. In defence if mgy Page 62 Scene Recap Episode Only then can she prove that she really loved him and not the money.