Out of all the tests, the 4K read and write is the most strenuous. A personalised firmware may show a couple of nuances in terms of performance, but if you’re hoping to see Corsair deliver something truly unique, you’ll have to wait for the upcoming Neutron SSDs, powered exclusively by a new controller developed by Link a Media Devices LAMD. For those not in the know, the 5. It can also save battery life on notebooks. Learn how your comment data is processed. Though, even then, average pricing of around 70p-per-gigabyte is keen and in keeping with recent price cuts. Intel Core i5 K.

Not sure what it could be. Each Force Series GS drive is backed by a decent-if-not-exhaustive three-year warranty and comes bundled with a 3. Again we see some pretty good numbers here with Anvil Storage Utilities. In the 4K read and write speed tests, the Force GT was the fastest. We have word that the answer is no but are hesitant to commit until SanDisk can confirm. The entire casing is constructed entirely of metal and the red, black, gold color scheme instantly tells you that this is going to be a high performance product.

Along with the Force GS, Corsair has also included a 2. My sequential write on crystaldisk only hovers around the mark too. Dimensions Weight 80 grams.

Corsair Force GS 240 GB Review

This takes power, and generates noise and heat. Patriot Pyro SE gb. You can use a hard drive to store other data such as your media library and other files. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The Force GS family includes a standard three year warranty and packaging includes a 2. Though, even then, average pricing of around 70p-per-gigabyte is keen and in keeping with dorce price cuts. LSI SandForce firmware needs, over provisioning and final formatting leave the end user with GB of available storage space.

Les Tokar August 1, 11 Comments. After formatting, a total of GB is available. Reddit Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

Because SSDs have no moving parts, they can handle shock, vibration and temperature changes far in excess forcr traditional hard drives. Click to find out more. Gartner May 12, Anand Tuliani Aug 24, Anvil Storage Utilities is an excellent all around benchmark for testing many different functions of SSD performance. This is more than likely a cost cutting measure as smaller PCBs will cost less to produce.


Conduct the test while your system is in safe mode and see the 4k result. As a SandForce drive, we can see that while reads are fairly consistent over the entire range of compression, forcee increase in performance as data becomes more compressible. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1. The first wsd to real performance is sequential read and write speeds. Is your PC modded? Here, tests are run using incompressible data, which most simulate real world usage. Fujitsu Unveils GB, 2.

The Best CPUs of While this is not a consideration for desktop users, those looking for a new notebook drive should take the higher power consumption figures into consideration. They cost less than Rs. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Yes I tested in safe mode with the same results.

Out of all the tests, the 4K read and write is the most strenuous.

Corsair Force GS GB Review- Tech Reviews, Firstpost

Of course, none of the SandForce based drives come anywhere near the power efficiency of any of the Samsung drives, which idle at 0. The entire casing is constructed entirely of metal and the red, black, gold color scheme instantly tells you that this is going forcce be a high performance product. For all the buzz on the latest tech and science, sign up for our WhatsApp services. In these scenarios, the extra performance of Toggle Mode NAND should help bump-up drive performance, particularly during random-write-intensive tasks.

All Reviews Mobile Laptops Audio. For those still reviwe on firmware 5. A quick look through the company’s product range suggests that the goal is to cover all bases; the Accelerator cache is a low-cost and competent drive, the Performance Pro is a rock-solid SSD based around a tried-and-trusted Marvell controller, and Corsair’s high-end SandForce solutions now come in three unique flavours.


Special thanks to Corsair for making this review possible! The package seriss a 3. Just wondering if different systems with different hardware would affect the result. Intel Core ik Memory: Interesting to note, also, that Corsair isn’t producing smaller-capacity Force GS drives.

However, it would be nice to see Corsair jump into forsair 5 year warranty bandwagon especially with other vendors such as Intel, OCZ, and now Samsung in the mix. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. What was very interesting though is just how fast 4K performance is in both incompressible and compressible data sets.

Moving into Cofsair Disk Mark then, we can immediately see that what we have here is a SandForce based product given the huge disparity in performance when using compressible left vs incompressible right data sets. Most SSD manufacturers these days prefer using this benchmark when advertising SSDs as it tests using compressible data, which tends to yield better performance. The bottom of the Force GS is constructed of eeries beautiful black metal casing.

Corsair Force Series GS GB SSD Review | Custom PC Review

It is not Crucial that it be higher but we like to see it. The identification numbers do not match that of the extreme. Jupiter’s Xsd Moons Jupiter has twelve new moons and scientists want your help in naming five of them Feb 25, At the end of the day, the Corsair Force GS GB is yet swries ultra high performance SandForce based product with proven components at a reasonable price.

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