Knitting as an Act of Resilience. Praise the Knitting Gods and Goddesses! Looking for a new project in Mason-Dixon books, which one should I start! Thanks for drawing attention to something I never would have found or figured out on my own. How could I have been messing with crocheted chains all these years? If you ever get a chance to take a class form her, do it!

It was very educational to have temporarily lost my independence and I hope to absorb the lessons learned, but for now I am just happy to have it back in service and am itching to get out on my bike! I can do a provisional cast-on. The simplest answers are the most brilliant. Sally has truly outdone herself! Yay for knitting geniuses everywhere. If you have already purchased the app, please be advised that Sally has added a minor update since its introduction. Glad the earth moved for you.

Lucy is so great at explaining and demonstrating knitterly things. I kept imagining I would somehow screw up the crochet gauge or I would be cutting provisional yarn away from a couple hundred stitches.

Makes a cast is as well if lucj use your main yarn and just slip the last stitch onto the knitting needle. That is the only way to do the crochet cast on without going completely bonkers.

We feel privileged to join the remarkable Sally Holt in creating a Designer Collection of my patterns using her Knit Companion program.

Early Tips for Bang Out a Revolution. It’s still too soon to say when it will be released, but I’m hoping for this fall.


(871) Mini Maxi Bags

If you ever get a chance to take a class form her, do it! I like the invisible provisional cast on http: I need to watch her vids again to get that one-step cast off. Her groundbreaking software for Apple products allows you to use any knitting pattern and virtually cut and paste multiple charts together, use markers and make personal annotations, all on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Thanks for sharing, this is wonderful. Ask me how I know…. So much less alcohol will crochef needed in future!

Lucy Neatby Designs – Spun Yarn NUMBER

Now that we are all back at the office, everything is back to normal for the next few weeks. Also included are audio commentary and relevant video technique clips embedded in the patterns. The Drochet Rabbit tiles have arrived and John and I have installed most of them. Pure genius, and yet another example of something truly useful I have learned from your blog. This is so simple. See light bulb above head. I learned this method from Elizabeth Zimmermann.

For Cool Knitters I had to Expresspost a huge pile of dog-eared sheets of paper for poor Lynda xrochet untangle. I also watched her beading with a crochet hook video.

Halfway through your explanation, I was already planning to comment about Lucy. I think our participants will be delighted with what they will find in their Lucy bags! And Kay, and Angela. When the quilt was done, I brought it with me to England and asked all the birthday attendees to sign the back, like a giant birthday card.


I made as many of these until I was sated and then composed the blocks.

Crochet the chain onto your needle as you go. I have a knitting project coming up and it called for the provisional cast-on.

Also included are several audio commentaries from me and relevant technique clips from my videos. I was delighted to have my arm out of its plaster earlier than the doctors had predicted; I am doing my exercises but trying not to overuse it! I do think this will be easier! Youll learn all sorts of tricks. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Thank you, Lucy, and cadt you, Kay for sharing the video!!

Lucy Neatby Designs

It’s a lot easier to send the pictures to Lynda using my digital drawings rather than the hand-drawn pictures used in Cool Knitters Finish in Style. It looks just like a bound off edge, so it really finishes a project nicely.

This project presented quite a challenge for me as I was working in a rather non-Lucy palette! The final quilt blocks began with a squarish shape adhering to Gwen Marston ‘s delightfully fluid principles and then grew by my adding triangles on each corner.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!