She is drawn in a style similar to that of South Park , which had taken over Drawn Together ‘ s timeslot when the show was canceled in real life. Most of her humor revolves around her bigotry, her gullibility, her stupidity and her religious fanaticism. After beginning her stand-up comedy in , Silverman was part of the —94 season of Saturday Night Live for 18 weeks as a writer and featured player. Television producer Nigel Lythgoe saw a version in Australia and helped bring it over to Britain, Fuller was inspired by the idea from Popstars of employing a panel of judges to select singers in audition. Davies, author of The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp and it was easy to be trapped between cars, and one could freeze to death in bad weather. Meanwhile, Captain Hero begs Foxxy for food, and she responds by taking him to the basement and torturing him, sparking a short-lived romance between them. Meanwhile, Spanky forces Ling-Ling into slavery by making bootleg sneakers using a sewing machine for an NBA competition. Along with Foxxy, Xandir is often the most sane or reasonable member of the house.

Patrice Holloway, the voice of Valerie, sings the lead vocal on the recording. Charlotte is a teenage girl assigned to babysit the Drawn Together babies, but is nothing but cruel to them. In the first season, Hero was a simple character with a fairly minor role on the show; he was introduced in the first episode as simply “another person in the house”, and as Harnell puts it, his personality was that of an “overgrown frat guy” whose libido was his main source of humor. The center of Mormon cultural influence is in Utah, and North America has more Mormons than any other continent, Mormons have developed a strong sense of communality that stems from their doctrine and history. The first time Silverman performed stand-up comedy was in Boston at age 17 and she described her performance as awful. This page was last edited on 11 January , at

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In ” Clum Babies “, she crusades against both Wooldoor’s masturbation and the use of the Clum Babies to heal the sick despite the number of lives that are being saved and diseases that are being cured, but ultimately, and hypocritically, disguises herself in an attempt to procure a Clum Baby to cure her tuberculosis. After exhaustive interviews, togeher choose Strawberry Sweetcake. His favorite activity is watching stripperswhose activities he always refers to as “the ballet”; in fact, his preoccupation with strippers made his relationship with Clara an emotionally distant one, since he always spent more time with strippers than he did with his daughter.


Among reality TV archetypeshe represents the macho egotist. No real continuity has been established for his character, as in the show’s world he exists solely as a caricature rather than an actual living person.

Unfortunately, he never seems to have time to do anything because, as he always explains in his catchphrase”I’m far too busy being delicious. During a men’s night, Captain Hero, Xandir, Spanky, Wooldoor and Ling-Ling play the ‘Drawn Together Drinking Game’ and become thoroughly drunk, unfortunately Ling-Ling kills Xandir, depriving him of his last life as he is a video game characteran act that Vrawn feels regret over.

Subsequent episodes would expand on these epispde.

However, the babies plot revenge and inadvertently kill her in the process, breaking her neck over a rocking horse. After exhaustive interviews, they choose Strawberry Sweetcake. The housemates meet for the first time. The cast; counter-clockwise from upper left: A food competition leaves half the housemates Captain Hero, Clara, Spanky and Wooldoor on the brink of starvation. Though she was apparently revived by Wooldoor’s Clum Babies, her relationship with Ling-Ling is never mentioned togdther.

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Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references. Child Services is a woman who works for the Child Services company.

Along with Foxxy, Xandir is often the most sane or reasonable member of the house. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Originally voiced by American actress and singer Paige OHara, Belle is the daughter of an eccentric inventor. When Clara was young, her evil stepmother put a curse on Clara’s vaginacausing it to turn into a hideous, tentacled and French male monster known as the Octopussoir. The two were in love and battled often, but eventually the constant battling lost its novelty, and Ni-Pul became visibly less interested in battling Ling-Ling.


Among reality show archetypes, she represents the sheltered rich girl. Mormons also have a law of chastity, requiring abstention from sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage. List of characters appearing in the animated television series Sweetcaake Together. She is, however, very illogical, as she will take children from their unfit homes and relocate them in even more unfit foster homes.

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He is a parody of Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales. However, he changed his mind once he actually saw Ni-Pul, falling in love with her at first sight. Her comedy addresses social taboos and controversial topics, such as racism, sexism, for her work on television, she won two Primetime Emmy Awards.

However, Clara later finds out from her ‘evil’ stepmother via magic mirror communication that the only way to get rid of it would be to find her Prince Charming. Meanwhile, in order to earn his driver’s license, Ling-Ling is advised by Strawbetry to sell out his Asian heritage by getting cheap surgery to fix his slanted eyes, which he actually does.

Archived from the original on Around the end of the eipsode, she gets shot in the head by Clara and Toot with a potato cannon. Foxxy also has father issues ; he left for cigarettes when she was three years old. A parody of Strawberry ShortcakeStrawberry Sweetcake is a diminutive redheaded young woman who appears to be eight years old, but is apparently eighteen.

While Clara is a generic composite of nearly every Disney princess, the King seems to be based more specifically on Ariel’s father, King Tritonfrom The Little Mermaid.

In his second appearance, however, he does not interact with Ling-Ling at any point, and their friendship is not mentioned. It is also “revealed” that Steve has a third arm, but this is obviously just a gag.