It soon becomes apparent that his pursuers are relentless and almost preternaturally well informed about his movements, and that there’s more than one powerful party who wants to see him out of the picture. It would have given the audience some understanding and focus on what drives Driver. Sallis gives me the skinny on the next novel: All Work and No Play. So I was interested to see how, years later, I’d respond to this. There wasn’t even a love plot in the book. Your purchase helps support NPR programming.

Now Salt River completes the Turner trilogy: Preview — Driven by James Sallis. My wife Karyn and I named it Gertrude. The movie feels more like another teenage-sex-comedy. I also thought that Driver’s tracking back to the source of his problems, grew increasingly improbable as the novel progressed. After reading the book a couple of years later, I can’t even see how they got one from the other. Sallis says he’s relying more on improvisation and abandoning “the certainties with which I began writing” but external forces also held up the novel: The tale of a movie stunt driver who has criminal connections, it was dedicated to Ed McBain, Donald Westlake and Laurence Block and written with such noir stylists firmly in Sallis’s rear-view mirror.

There was, of course, a huge parking lot filled with cars just outside, any one of which could be his. When it comes down to it, Driver is good driveen two things: The film in my humble opinion seems to lack the charm and edginess that Palahniuk incorporates into his novels.


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But a lot of people didn’t, saying it was pretentious, and didn’t live up to the hype. Preview — Driven by James Sallis. A sequel, Cripple Creek, followed. Sequels often retread old ground and this one certainly does just that. This book could have easily been under 90 pages.

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After reading DRIVE post-movie-viewage, I found the book to be quite a bit more distracting and random, less focused than I had been expecting. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given with appropriate and specific druven to the original content.

March 9, – 5: Login or register to post comments. Driven is the sequel to Drivenow also an award-winning film. I never felt like they were walking around in McCarthy’s scorched wasteland, it just looked like 2 homeless people wandering through the countryside. Sinking back into anonymity, aided by his friend Felix, an ex-gangbanger and Desert Storm vet, Driver retreats, but finds that his past stalks him and will not stop.

I need the extra hundred pages or so to fill things in. A lot of other people did, too. Jun 12, Elli rated it really liked it Shelves: Like the first book. Fine sequel to Drive which should definitely be read first.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. It was a fitting end to the story and I liked it well enough. Skip to Main Content Area. Long-Legged Fly and Cypress Grove started out as standalones, so who knows if this will launch another series.


Because driveen though all the principal characters were the same, almost nothing else was. Sallis has a side career as a translator of works including Raymond Queneau’s Saint Glinglin, a novel that unsurprisingly sidelines plot in favour of linguistic games.

It is only semi interesting to hardcore fans of Sallis. Here’s a synopsis of Driven from Indiewireso you can get a sense of where they might take it: Can synopsiz sequel be better than the first book?

When it comes to crime fiction, Sallis knows his history.


Learn how your comment data is processed. If I’m going to do that, I’ll just read the real thing.

It’s because it seems like every time someone gets close to him, they end up dead. Dos veces aparece, no puede ser una errata. I found a bit hard to follow the plot but I ssllis the character of Driver. And personally I never got so much a “deep” feeling as a “the less we say the more they think we’re saying” feeling. Even more lame considering how long it took to get this made. But now, Driver seems different.