But he forgets nothing. While we waited, we wanted to visit the mausoleum El Chapo had built for his son, Edgar. He was finally captured earlier this year, but it seems that the authorities were complicit in his freedom, perhaps because it’s easier to have a Mr. The truth about her life there was when El Chapo got bored with her, he passed her around to his friends. On it was film of El Chapo interrogating a man, tied up, with his trousers around his ankles. Tired of selling oranges in Badiraguato when I was a child.

She told how she met El Chapo Guzman, how he fell in love with her, sent her love letters, all so romantic, and how after a while, it was no longer just about sex. Y los cuide donde quiera que anden. But he forgets nothing. But with it, even the police just wave us through. El Chapo ran the cartel like a terrorist group. Why were you in Chiapas? The film takes us to a world where few outsiders have ever been, unraveling basic truths behind the “war on drugs” as Angus and Guillermo get closer and closer to perhaps the most dangerous man on Earth.

I could hit this one. Why did you leave Guadalajara for Chiapas? But no one would take us there without permission.

Ever since he was little, he always had hopes. Something is rotten in the state of Mexico; and it’s hard to believe that Shorty’s eventual arrest will actually change that much. Where his drugs go, his power goes, too.


He asked nothing in return. Let me give you an example. I am the pilot they call El Chino. Then a call came that she had sent armed men, as well as the police, to stop us.

The junkies of the world fall at his feet. No one escapes, but he did, just like that, from where the [expletive] gringos had him. So they fired in return, and the lads, they all went bada, bada, bada, bada—. When you have a chance, turn right, coming up.

No one gets out of there. And thousands of Mexicans are dying every day, innocent Mexicans, girls, women, youngsters, family men, the good, the decent, dubtitles dying. The government is so corrupt that in a maximum-security prison only for men — there are no facilities for women — they introduced three female prisoners, two guerrillas and a young woman called Zulema.

Then they told him to lay low, lay low away.

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No, gracias a usted. His home in La Tuna is nearby, one, two, maybe four hours away. To others, he was Public Enemy No.

Did you go from Guadalajara to Chiapas? For all the disappointment, we had found him exactly where we had expected him to be.

Drug Lord: The Legend of Shorty

He escaped from the top [expletive] prison. Our driver needed serious persuasion to take us to his old house. Her body was discovered mutilated in the trunk of a car. Where is El Colombiano? Subtitles English English CC.


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His family spent a week there. Submarines go under water. And think this mausoleum shows, a little bit, he must feel a bit guilty for it.

Before I knew it, I was 16, experienced in selling the green. He goes to the cities, up the mountains.

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Had it for six years, done lots of crossings. But these are corporate infrastructures making millions on behalf of Chapo Guzman. In fact, he built up his empire. The session was set for 10 in the morning but began at 11 that night. But the heroin and marijuana grown here still bring the cartel billions of dollars. The drugs business is a multi-million pound industry, and the head of the Sinaloa cartel, known as ‘El Chapo’, or ‘Shorty’ in English, was a semi-public figure.

The DEA can do what it likes. The Legend of Shorty” zhorty an opportunity due to the common problem of contemporary documentaries, where the directors get so far in the way of their own story, that any context or objectivity is lost.