Co-producers, Marina Blok, Sandra Beerends. A young boy befriends a Jewish rabbi after witnessing a Jewish merchant being beaten up by racist thugs, leaving the boy and his mother fearful for their lives. Highly recommended for every fan of the Coming-of-Age genre and appreciators of European cinema and its unique approach to story telling. My library has a weird taste on movies but a good one: Scar Island by Dan Gemeinhart. To a certain degree it feels very much like something we aren’t actually supposed to be looking at.

Dad, a car-tinkering, beer-swilling security guard with little filial interest, is nursing a major depression and barely communicates except to scold. Kauwboy won the award. Between the two events, the festival [ At times, it seems that Jojo is neglected by his father. Friendship between children and animals is a frequently addressed theme in Coming-of-Age narratives. Viewing this was gutwrenching, often suspenseful and chilling, but I enjoyed the portrait this film painted, lonesome and difficult as it was at times. Full Cast and Crew. One of the worst performances of my….

The relatively small cast performed extraordinarly well. On a whole, it hit something that is very much relevant in our modern world. Scar Island vilm Dan Gemeinhart.

Such a powerful movie and I’d highly recommend it to everyone i know. Seeing this movie now and how a one little jackdaw can change your life and can give you hope, happiness, freedom of all the bad things that happened to you is just fascinating.

What Cathy Saw and other stories. More Reviews TV [ This film is so unflinching in depicting the wondrous, confusing, and occasionally mundane details of eutch young boy’s daily life, that the viewer can easily be made extremely uncomfortable.

Greyhound by Steffan Piper. This portrait of childhood features some brutal moments, but, in kauwbyo end, is sublime and beautiful. At times, it seems that Jojo is neglected by his father. The lead actor has real talent. Unpretentious, yet Moving film. Is there anything more heart rending than a buddy film involving a kid and an animal? A young boy and his father have a difficult relationship, but are trying to reach each durch. Kudos all around And please do watch it until the very end for a very special scene.


Rick Lens as Jojo in the Dutch film Kauwboy. Turning Tide Reviews. Snow in August American cinema.

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Previous video Next video. Although I have close ties with The Netherlands, this film went under my radar until I read this. Jojo 10 lives with his father, whom he adores, even though he can be sometimes difficult and aggressive. I have always had this thought in my head That all animals are friends of mine no matter how strong or scary they are.

My library has a weird taste on movies but a good one: In the midst of so much uncertainty, Jojo finds comfort and happiness in caring for an abandoned baby bird, a jackdaw, who is even more vulnerable than dutcj. Charming, moving and, like much Dutch cinema, refreshingly free from sentimentality.

While you’re here, leave me some reccommendations on this other list. With his mother absent, Jojo spends a lot of time by himself when his father is at kauwboyy. Produced by Wilant Boekelman, Jan van der Zanden.

Kauwboy (2012)

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Screenplay, Eutch, Jolein Laarman. The Misfits by James Howe. The Greek filmmaker has finished shooting his third feature film, a police drama-thriller that takes place in both urban and rural Greek settings.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Edit Details Official Sites: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, but still want to squeeze…. Boudewijn Koole Jolein Laarman. When I first saw it, I was captivated by its unpretentious, yet moving, way to tell the story of a year-old boy endeavoring to accept the realities of his life.


Co-producers, Marina Blok, Sandra Beerends. But the performance coaxed out of this young talent is notable. Home Reviews European Cinema Kauwboy Coming-of-Age Motifs in Stranger Things. Dealing with loss and growing up its the major focus of Kauwboy and it shows it well, we follow a lot of heart warming as well as heart breaking scenes from Jojo’s daily life. A young boy befriends a Jewish rabbi after witnessing a Jewish merchant being beaten up by racist thugs, leaving the boy and his mother fearful for their lives.

I feel like we all often forget about how deeply we felt things, when we were children. Kauwboy The Netherlands Production: Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist kuawboy rate duthc favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! I can handle the truth. Anyone who has known loss way too soon in life will identify.

The intensity of childhood has somehow become a taboo thing. This review may contain spoilers.

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Please enter your comment! We follow Jojo and his father dealing with his mother’s absence, kzuwboy he becomes a good friend to a jackdaw and a girl in his polo team. Rick Lens deserves an honorable mention for his amazing acting. One day, Jojo discovers a fallen baby Jackdaw and, after failing to reinstate the little bird back into its nest, decides to take care of it at his home.