Meanwhile, Reyna Dyangga is making evil plans to overthrow the merkingdom. Meanwhile, young Dyesebel swims in the ocean surface and sees Fredo who throws the bottle, which landed directly on her head. Now, she is living alone by herself. After learning the truth, Dyesebel is now longing to know her real mother. After meeting each other, Fredo and Dyesebel became friends. To please her subjects, Reyna Dyangga grants her one wish.

Now that Dyesebel is invited to a family dinner in Fredo’s house, the latter protects his girlfriend especially to his mother, Elena. Elena is bent on ruining the life of Lucia after the latter did not agree on what she wants for the company. There at the Barangay office, she discovers that there is a woman who fell in love with merman, bore a child and lost it. However, when he discovers about Tino’s good works, he decides to let him return. Now the experts have articulated that the DNA results have shown something different. Dyesebel has no choice but to reveal her true identity to her trusted friend, Liro, so he will understand why she is acting strange and why Reyna Dyangga is trying to set her up so desperately. Lucia, seeing Dyesebel lonely, asks her what she feels deep inside.

Lucia finds it difficult now to even make amends with her adopted daughter, Betty. She learns that it was the same as the shell necklace she used to hide in her chest. On the other hand, Betty and Xyesebel are fighting because of Elena. Soon, the news will reach Queen Dyangga and Dyesebel is madch. On the other hand, Banak gets away from the hands of Reyna Dyangga to find Dyesebel. However, Princesa Coralia saw it and confronted the merman on why he gives flowers to Dyesebel.

On the other hand, Liro is proud to announce his love for Dyesebel. He finds the place where this man was hiding. When Dyesebel arrives, the wedding ceremony starts. Now that she is back, she wants to get his love back whatever the cost it may take.

Liro is wondering why Dyesebel keeps on hiding away from him. Banak tries to explain, she is doing her best to be a mother to Dyesebel.


It would have been her only way to get information about her lost daughter. Queen Dyangga has received some information about a mermaid who soon will topple her from the throne, and she vows to hunt for that mermaid.

Lucia is starting to doubt about the identity of Dyesebel. Meanwhile, Banak goes to the merkingdom and informs Dyesebel that Stella died. So, Dyesebel is crying and hoping that they can talk sooner. Now that Fredo and Dyesebel are friends, he introduced her to his mother who wants to know more about her. The two kids, Fredo and Betty are now friends, while Dyesebel finds a way to avoid fighting with Prinsesa Coralia.

This only means hostility and danger awaits for the mermaid once everyone in the kingdom learns about her identity. Lucia even asks the help of the authorities to imprison Badong and those responsible, but nobody believes her because of such unbelievable reasons. So she instructs Betty to move faster to get her son back so that she will not see the mermaid in their house anymore.

Liro and Dyesebel are episods home after the incident that took place between them and the humans. He dyesebsl everybody in their kingdom to know that he is actually courting her.

Fredo confronts the lady about it and asks what was her plan on the mermaid, but Betty denies it. Lucia and Elena are meeting in the police station after learning that Dyesebel and Fredo were gone for two days.

Fear of losing, however, is what two mermaids are feeling right now. As they travel on land searching for clues, Liro and Fredo are having conflicts, and Dyesebel is in between. It is good that Fredo dreamt about her and they finally met eye to eye for the first time. While Dyesebel being nice towards Prinsesa Coralia, the latter continues to plot against her servant. Fredo saves the mermaid with Dante his father. Cuaresma and Francis E. Liro prepares a surprise to make her happy and he succeeds.

She cannot accept that Liro loves Dyesebel and not her. After being saved by Dyesebel, Fredo wants to see her again.


Dyesebel Episode 21

Lucia consults with Stella about the situation with her believing someone is trying to destroy their mother-daughter relationship. However, Princess Coralia is still not amused seeing them together. She promises to herself to love the baby girl like her own child. As Dyesebel faces a difficult choice, will she save the merkingdom or will they suffer from Dyangga’s hands forever? Marcb has been told that her biological mother is alive.

DYESEBEL Episode: Take A Spill – video dailymotion

She learns that the man needs help to save his wife from Reyna Dyangga. However, it did not happen. Upon seeing Banak, Lucia confronts her because of hiding the truth.

Pasion, it is topbilled by Anne Curtis[1] [2] together with an ensemble cast. She is better off remain a worker in the company. Meanwhile Banak will be put into danger again.

DYESEBEL Episode: Take A Spill

On the other hand, Prince Liro could only be there epiode the one he loves. Now, Dyesebel learns that her mother Banak is looking for her, and even risking her life being with humans in her mermaid form, just to go out looking for her. Dyedebel order to get rid of them, Dyesebel uses her voice to make all the people fall asleep. It cannot be someone like Dyesebel who can topple her reign. She wonders why the young lady is looking for such information.

Tino uses the magic conch-shell to turn his baby Beatriz back to human. After he receives the shell, his fish tail turns marcg legs just like the mermaid. Now that Lucia discovered the truth about Dyesebel being adopted, she confronted Banak, who the latter also confirmed.

Dyesebel asks her to set Banak free from slavery.