I basically tick off the characters credited online as they appear, and I didn’t see those three, but they were credited on screen! I started going through all the clips I could find on the BBC website to update this but it seems that a lot of them are exclusive scenes rather than special episodes though I think they should still be listed there, which is why I made a separate section for them. I’m just concerned that if we complete all 31 years, they numbers won’t run consistently! I just wondered what you guys thought might be the best layout out of the three ideas I had at User: So that way, the appearances can match up. Their site is here [5] but is broken so easiest thing is to Google “site: For I’ve only done January and a small amount for February.

I’m not sure what the point of the template page is, it seems to only be of use with the article – I thought it would be something that could quickly be transcribed on all pages. If they are counted in the numbering, we should do the same as I have done with “Civvy Street” and consider them true EastEnders episodes, and it might really help account for the numbering differences too. According to the BBC there has been episodes in but I only count unless they include Civvy Street as part of the series. Could I attempt to count their appearances before all of January’s episodes expire possibly not worth is, or I’d have to count Tracey’s too? Sorry if I have done anything incorrect and please let me know if there is anything else. That would eliminate the need for a footnote.

Also, I’d like to see the arrivals and departures of any main characters added to these sections – I did do some that were missing for a while ago but there are more. Just a quick reminder, if you’re adding easrenders and directors, please tvrag which have Wikipedia articles and add links appropriatey. I thinks it’s unlikely the BBC would go back and make that many changes.

But the other two magazines info is below.

I have put all the dates into excel with the manual list so we can move about the manual list easier. I know what you mean, If they did reset I would think it may be around the time when the switched from two nights a week to four nights. Therefore I don’t think finding more original numbers from reset 2 is going to make much difference, though I do wonder if it does give us a clue as to some of the hour-long episodes that have now been counted as a single number – I think good candidates are 25 December18 Februaryand 25 December Hi they sent the list over https: But obviously, the numbers currently stack up so if that’s true, it’s been “undone” at some point.


They work at roughly episodes per year. But there aren’t any other doubles in Shall we just wait and see as we work our way through the years? Oh yeah found a useful piece of software called nbClipboard it’s useful if you have lots to copy and paste. AnemoneProjectors and Kelvin I will try and create a template page, with blank tables.

We are sticking with what was in RT for the moment but when we get to the stage of putting what actually went out we will have the full details on the Genome site. The merged ones are often merged at the last minute for scheduling reasons. Genome has Barbara Emile as the director but mentions Philip Casson as producer might have it wrong way around? Looks like you can search but if you want to view the information it requires a subscription thanks Kelvin talk I’ve changed it in Hope you are both well.

Kelvin and AnemoneProjectors: Sorry if I have done anything incorrect and please let me know if there is anything else. I would love to know what the criteria is for just giving them one number if they are an hour-long. Here are some theories:.

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When I wrote the Pretty Baby article, I gave it the numberthough not sure where I got it from now, which is also 2 out. The episode featured the departure of Emma Summerhayes Anna Acton.

It a shame we only really have Genome to check pre dates on. I’m tvraeg if we should remove these exclusive scenes from the supplemental episodes sections in the year lists, and instead, go with something like this:. Hi I found the reset number for the ones you mentioned it looks like 18 February only counts as one. I can add them back if you’d like me to.


Of which years would he be a regular? I haven’t used Visual editor before but it might come in handy for the tables. If you mistyped your email address change it here. It’s not a reliable source but I thought I’d compare. I am confused, unless the two parts Omnibus only count as one? I am more convinced now its more about the way they are numbered. Imagine if someone did an audit for all the episode tvragge for the past 30 years.

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It going me thinking if there has been episoces more technical glitches we might be able to find on the news websites.

I have also moved all the numbers up as 9 March did not have a number. If so I will add it to the lists up to, was it ? And in the number of episodes in that year, should we count it as two or one? I saw a few bits on User: Following news of Mel’s return, which is scheduled forI have created a draft for episodes. This has been resolved so I am closing all these discussions.

Infax contained aroundentries, but not every programme ever broadcast, the front page of the website is still available to see via the Internet Archive here. I will use you wording from now on for the episode broadcast at different times and will backtrack through all the other articles so the wording is the same.

This would tvrqge fit User: