I have no clue if she is going to re up all her awesome projects again, she is busy right now and she made alot when she was very active! For what I know Yukuro will do this one! K list, second page! All series about Warui we worked on are online again! So we will know! Like u make in the old blog maybe? Please can you tell me when this manga drama cd will be uploaded on this blog again? I am sorry for the super late response.

In order to watch or rewatch the just ended mangas here. ABBY 27 September at As of now, when the titles are laid out without a name, it takes more time to look for the title I particularly want to read. Sorry, I just want to ask, do you have ‘Hanayome kun’ drama cd? Then u like modern themes huh?!?! Is this some kind of suggestion?!?!?!

And we are happy u found this blog too!

Soooooo I will ask for sure! Thanks for ur compliments! Roby85m 3 June at I also asked to friends who work on computer antivirus. Anonymous 5 January at I heard the fourth drama cd on kuroneko kareshi series is out already? Cold Blood Kissy 21 November at That’s probably because Viewfinder is an awesome manga.


If only this one had a drama CD I would be dead! I’m not a big fun of the mangaka u mentioned! I’m waiting it to be complete!

• Elektel Delusion cd drama •

If I will have the possibility this is what I wish to do! If yes I totally agree with your choice! It’s only that this way you could focus on undone ones! You know what they say, better school better work better life not always like that, but yeah this is what we all do! But I’m not sure on how to do nad I’m uploading that one indeed! If yes, could you do Dakaretai otoko ichi imasu?

Elektel Delusion cd drama

Love your blog dgama much! I completed only 2 CDs in reality, but still enjoy! But now I have a lot work in my job Recent blog posts more blog posts. Can you bring back Leopard Hakusho and Darling again? If so are they on this site? I like both the story and the art!

Hope you all will be able to enjoy! Cold Blood Kissy 22 December at My dear Kazu helloooo! As of now, when the titles are laid out without a name, it takes more time to look for the title I particularly want to read.


Yeah u are right! Totally Captivated was taken down right now due to the closed of YT acc before.

Are you on Znd If u are asking why u couldnt be able to reach the blog for some days, it’s coz it was offline!

elektel delusion cd drama capitulo 3

In the while please, enjoy all the projects that are avaible online blogs or channels on Youtube! And yup, definitely Jackass is in my list things to do, so with time I hope to be able to edit it. I should have bought 20 pcs till now then Be abd and nice to all BL community.