Fourth, did he exhaust all the other options to get what he wanted that could have reasonably warranted eschewing the act of crossing. And yes, you are most welcome! The Eritrean diaspora finds his Gedli narration with humility a heart-wrenching bitter truth! I hate a chicken that hopscotch from regime to regime. It is a lie. Semere Tesfai Bumper Sticker: It eats everything that moves or not.

To that, we cross our fingers! Among its influential vassals and branches extended to Sudanese-Eritrean border is the House of the Fayoumis. Tesfay Temtewo has the right say what he had experienced , observed and recorded. A guy starts to cross to the other side of the road in a busy highway. Costs and expenses are not the same; though a cost may or may not be an expense. May there be freedom for our People! It is apprehensive of predators from sky, and land destined to prey on it and its chicks:

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Irresponsible Newly Arrived to West Agelgulot. Where is the evidence? Eritreans want to know the concealed history. So it crossed the road to mate.

If he had the trueth he was suppose to tell us back Adhanom cannot represent the Eritrean people to rectify or modifu our history. The Eritrean Version; A Satire.

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This is NOT eritraen muslim, christian, region. Naturally, it crossed because it abhorred the vacuum sprouted by acrimonious countenance of incompatible partisan hacks. So why the chicken crossed the road? We want to make note that its claims as to why it crossed the road is bogus and unsubstantiated.


It is news to me all the chicken soccer stars absconded in Kenya.

Non-Tigrigna chickens were consigned to learn not only to cluck in Tigrigna but also to crow and squawk thereby ultimately creating structural inequity that pervasively permeated every facets of life. The cockerels will often be crowing by six weeks of age. A guy starts to cross to the other side of the road in a busy highway. Were they after all in Gedli for the people all along? May be Amanuel Sahle knows too. Very funny, the former Ambasador is seeking attension.

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I hope the satire comes off as a welcome distraction. It is matter of intrinsic dignity for the lowlanders to cross the road alone and if the neo-Nazi, land-grabber Highlander, Christian-supremacist chickens must go to hell, so be it!

It is all lies and fabrications. Semere Tesfai Bumper Sticker: We know the chicken was made by CIA. Dear esteemed concerned citizens: Or should have road on its own accord. It is a lie.

If as I mentioned the chicken, like the man, is walking at leisurely pace, then the expenses here not just costs could not be adequately calculated without asking a legitimate question of the end result of crossing the road. Joke Heard in Edagahamus, Asmara. Assena reports that the chicken crossed the road to start a military insurgency. Multiply them by the number of offspring they may have hatched, and the lost opportunities to crossbreed and come up with new breed that may have hatched the eggs in 12 days than 21 days.


Home About Us Merhaba: And what has happened since? Males reach a weight of 4.

In Analyzing the reason s why the chicken crossed the street, the chicken has to look nowhere but inside itself to find answers. If it returns, I personally guarantee its safety. Check the size of your shoes. The only way it can prolong its lifespan is by becoming useful to the household. For now, let us hear what some of our writers and notables answered when asked why the chicken crossed the road.

If a child goes outside, no one cares, one less to worry about! I know you al care, but half-glass is not caring.