I’m going to close my eyes with you and open it with you again. And the other one, I read because Meryem Abla told me to. You should have seen the desperation on his face, as he was sighing the paper. You’re still lying to me. I’ll open and close it as I want. You just tell me now, did you leave to Bodrum because of that? It’s not like you can do much in the dark and cold.

I’ll get it sorted. This is a much lower number than what we said last time. You’re hiding something from me. She left in the morning. Her mom said that she’d been crying since yesterday. When Fatmagul and Kerim are left alone, they live some very special, private moments. Wish I was there. Fahrettin Amca, please sit down.

She barely got away from him and came home. This is our kitchen. We are still partners till May, though.

Okay, I’ll go change then. You made a fool out of him. You’re hiding something from me.

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All I think about is my unborn child. And Nalan Abla and the kids take the other one. Back to Top Fatmagul – Akhir mera kasour kia? Going to the prosecution office. The chief at the police station made dpisode talk.


Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne Episode 58 Eng Subs

Episode Sign in to follow this. We’ve just got a new business. I won’t tell him that you told me, don’t worry. That woman is more dangerous than we know I’ll call again at 9 p.

Kadir Abi, come on. But I think they are not bothered by your absence that much. Will start to bleed again. I’ll have my own bed for the first time.

A fresh morning, Every one at Fatma side is calm and quite except Maryam Hanim. Okay, usmmary you tonight. I was going home, then I thought I’d come here to say good bye.

Why won’t you stop it? Open the summart, Mithat! Did your mom tell you to keep an eye on me? They waited for the final moment to make the blow. We should have made our research, too. So, what do you think makes those fears intensify like this?

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I’ll get it sorted. How are you gonna look them in the eyes again? Take care of yourself, mother But we have to bear with it. I’m episods the towels here, If the pillow is not thick enough, more in the wardrobe. She kept telling me he had a business somewhere. Or maybe this one? And now you’re leaving me all alone.


Sorry for being being a bother. She found out that she never knew who her husband was. And phrases like “I wish”, are so useless. And we’ll get sore bodies then. She’s even more scared that she saw the police here. You will offend the people. There’s not enough oxygen in the house for this many people. I offered my help to Rahmi Abi several times, but he didn’t accept.

Kerim felt guilty because of that though.

My mom told me. Fatmagul will make me work in Gul Mutfagi and in the new house. You left me alone like that.

It’s a short cut.