Sa te bazezi pe El ca va face ce a spus in Biblie. E fix in Romani 1 ca tot am avut-o lectura. We actually find evidence for the opposite. Not too long after the flood, man was taking other men and making them slaves. Sau sa renunti la tot, dar atunci nu mai e verificare, e o alegere. This side of the great flood, there are no pure seed of the serpent genetically speaking; but those serpent seed attributes were carried over the flood in the family that rode that old ark to safety; simply because of what we read in the 6th chapter of Genesis. Numai ateistii disconsidera regimul normal de functionare a organismului uman.

At 65 years of age, Enoch took his wife; or really begat Methuselah. This would have been disastrous because Christ would then not be able to represent man who was made in the image of God. Vezi ca inima e o pompa nu se aprinde de la nimic, daca e ceva duh pe undeva tot in creier se ascunde, stiu ca se spune sa-l accepti pe isus in inima ta, dar acolo in afara de sange si alveole nu prea e nimic. There is a right; and there is a wrong. However both of the other two women gave birth to both babies. Was there an equal balance? Nu mai este nicio scapare pentru povatuitorii turmelor! I take no pleasure in knowing the fate of all who reject God.

What does that tell us? Te referi probabil…ultimul string…?! Look at verse 22; and notice what God said; then I will give you an example.

God, the Anointed One. He would come at certain intervals of time; to speak in the manner the following chapters describe; but His fellowship with man was from a distance after Genesis 3: Caci noi suntem rabdarrea Lui si am fost ziditi in Lhi Isus pentru faptele bune pe care le-a pregatit Dumnezeu mai dinainte, ca sa umblam in ele.


Agnusstick, nu inteleg…tu zici ca ai argumentat in felul asta?! Libertatea religioasa si libertatea de exprimare sunt drepturi esentiale intr-o societate functionala.

Si, daca scoate cineva ceva din cuvintele cartii acestei prorocii, ii va scoate Dumnezeu partea lui de la pomul vietii si din cetatea sfanta, scrise in cartea aceasta. Zic mai degraba deoarece nu am studiat subiectul, doar am remarcat superficial… Pai calugarii sunt fanatici…ei chiar vor sa scape de trup, deoarece este o piedica crextin calea ajungerii la Dumnezeu.

God Bless you, Brethren. Eu fac pariu ca tu nu respecti cele 10 porunci. Substanta fizica se aplica fizicului. Problema cu asemenea cazuri ca si cu in alte domenii este ca nu se popularizeaza, fiindca interesul este pe altceva gen ideea din videoclip, pe care inca nu am comentat-o, dar o voi face poatesi, tocmai fiindca nu ajung sa fie cunoscute, verificate si documentate suficient, in jurul flim se nasc si basme care ajung sa faca mai rau marturiilor acelora, iar implicatiile sunt multiple.

That just shows, that inside of man, there is something that causes him to want to rule over, and be superior to something; and use it for a work type of servant. Iar cand folosesc aceasta minte pentru a studia Biblia, in loc sa zideasca mai rau darama.


Cine era cu Mine? Or worse, what if you should find him and reject him because his teaching is contrary to what you have been taught as truth, like the Pharisees rejected John the Baptist? Not too long after the flood, man was taking other men and making them slaves. What about those men of renown, who were they? She had a very serious illness; and was at the point of death, in the hospital.

Jesus Christ is God

Aveti grija ca nuiaua v-ar putea mangaia pentru aceasta gluma. Revenind la doctrina, nu reusesc sa inteleg cum te impaci crestim cu falsul?! How can we say we love Jesus, then reject a prophet whom Jesus sends? After the last of those spies that returned with the evil report had died, those others that had believed their evil report tried to repent; but they had missed their opportunity to walk with God.


In ceea ce EL ne descopera.

Parca acolo ar fi buricul pamintului, la Ierusalim. Ba chiar, poftim si la ce au alte animale. Ai distruge intreg capitalismul, si dupa cum stim, alte sisteme mai istete n-avem. The second apostasy is mentioned in 2nd Pt. Stai la rand mai sunt si altii. Vai dori, esti o dulce! Este o simpla curiozitate a mea si o dorinta de a capata informatii cat mai diversificate.

Daca eu zic ca ma bazez pe Zeus cum fac diferenta in intamplari intre Zeus si Dumnezeu? It would be impossible, for a preacher who knows nothing outside of what he can prove with his Hebrew and Greek, to understand how those giants got there.

Si, daca incepe cu noi, care oov fi sfarsitul celor ce nu asculta de Evanghelia lui Dumnezeu? Blasphemy of the Spirit.

In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made He him; Male and female created He them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. Imagineaza-ti ca 10 oameni iti spun ca pot face chestii miraculoase.

What He should have done was give her a large set of teeth. They spoke with other tongues, raised the dead, healed fillm sick and prophesied things which actually came to pass. Chiar cuvantul religie este de factura relativ moderna!!