Mongolian Chop Squad d 26 videos. Serial Experiments Lain s 13 videos. One day, Yanma, Haccho, and Booby, in an attempt to prove their usefulness, force themselves onto Gaiking with Daiya. However, their plan fails, and they get ready to face their end as enemy soldiers surround them. Heaven’s Lost Property d 3 videos. Blue Exorcist s 29 videos. Soon afterwards, Daiya joins the group in their mission to enter the underground world known as Darius in order to prevent the monsters from taking over the outside world, as well as to find his father. However, after the battle, another Steel Beast appears and tries to pull Gaiking into the sea.

Fortune Arterial s 13 videos. NANA s 47 videos. Five years ago, Daiya Tsuwabuki went on a fishing trip with his father, when giant monsters attacked them. To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. Later, Sakon lets Shizuka call her mother back home on the surface with a new machine he developed, and he also shyly admits that he is actually grateful for the attention she gives him. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes s 14 videos. Gaiking, with support from other fighters, manage to drive the enemy away from Paltegona, but it does nothing to correct the misconception of its citizens, who believe that it was Daiku-Maryu who attacked their city. After the battle with Noza, Daiku-Maryu and Gaiking get repaired in a new fort built by rebel forces in an abandoned desert city.

Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu episode 36

Daiku-Maryu arrives in the lawless city of Zangyle. Doki s 51 videos. One day on their way to the Ohmazan fort, Daiku-Maryu is attacked by a giant turtle beast, Domega. Ninomiya-kun s 12 videos. However, Gaiking gets captured by one of the Steel Beasts, rendering the others helpless.


Meanwhile, Daiku-Maryu makes it to the rebel fort in time gqiking Garis to receive his treatment. Puria, who gets into a foul mood watching Daiya and Lulu having a great time, decides to play a prank on Daiya and puts Pelps, mosquito-like insects of Darius, into daiku-maryh tent that night. So let’s have ldgend look at what ANN readers consider the best and worst of the season. In town, Daiya finds out that Daiku-Maryu and its crew are regarded as villains in Darius, a fact that has been bothering Puria epidode a long time.

Later, after an unsuccessful training session for fighting a team battle, Hyper Steel Beast Graneps in its perfected and most powerful form shows up. Familiar of Zero F s 12 videos. Magic Knight Rayearth d 20 videos. The Silent Attack of an Assassination Squad” Oreimo s 12 videos. Gungrave d 26 videos. Episode 16 Break Through the Cordon! Deb digs in to it.

Kobo-chan s 4 videos. Daiku-Maryu docks at a tropical island where the crewmembers enjoy some beach time.

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Episode 24 “Pink Hippos that Trot across the Battlefield!! He tells Daiya to do the same thing to Noza.

But when they see Puria coming to rescue them, the flame in their hearts burn strongly, and they succeed in their special three-as-one attack to break down the machine. Phantom Memory d 24 videos. Corpse Princess s 25 videos. Kamiyo, teito ga shizumu Kemeko DX s 12 videos. Naruto Shippuden s, uncut videos.

That happened to me this week. Astral Ocean s 24 videos. Afro Samurai Resurrection d 1 videos. July 9, Dick intervenes just in time and takes the blade in the shoulder instead of Garis.


OAV s 13 videos. Lulu lost her memory from the shock of seeing her mother killed, and Garis started blaming himself for the tragedy. But when he sees Lulu working hard at her job, he renews his determination and asks Shizuka of the Mechanic Team for advice.

Rio – Rainbow Gate! Soul Eater d 51 videos. Otome Yokai Zakuro s 14 videos. Unlike future games, the goal is to capture Rosa becomes an enka singer. Il Teatrino TV s 13 videos.

Edo Rocket s 26 videos. Sakon, but he is nowhere on the ship. The genre is based on and has in turn influenced the Hollow Earth theory. Dick, a member of Daiku-Maryu, temporarily left the ship a year ago after he lost a bet with Garis.

ov Slayers Revolution s 13 videos. Then an aircraft comes and lands on the island. Although Daiya is in a hurry to get to Lee, he tells Puria and the others to go on ahead without him while he fights Noza.

Gaiking Legend of Daiku-Maryu

Princess Resurrection s 26 videos. I Am Your Father! Dick intervenes just in time and takes the blade in the shoulder instead of Garis.

Asura Cryin’ 2 s 13 videos. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Honey and Clover s 24 videos. Made with in San Francisco. Armitage III s 4 videos.