Abe as a teacher would be perfect! Gunfire is exchanged and Jo, unable to do anything else, bodily stops Shunji until Shunji shoots him. Dong-jin asks why they leaked false info. They were some talented people in this drama, in front of and behind the scenes. Would it be okay, especially if he stands by and watches. Unable to control his emotions any longer, he parks the car on the side. In the end, I guess it could help the independence movement as well.

I hope Shunji has it in his conscience by now that not only did his family kill Gangto’s or shall I now say Young? He flashes back to each of their deaths. And I am not being sarcastic. Is there a black blacker than black? You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. You are commenting using your Facebook account. But I do agree about Mok Dan’s acceptance though.

The man is totally in shock and looking around once more, Kang To turns back to him, slapping his face lightly, reminding him there is no time to lose. He calls her out on her bald-faced lies, saying he had no idea how childish she epieode, insinuating that he was blinded by his love for a Korean woman when she herself has been in love with a Korean man.

Shunji is such a tragic figure, having turned Mok Dan into his sole salvation, only to dramabeams her.

And yet also so inspiring. I’m anxious to see who survives and who gets added to the never ending list of people who are dead.

Gaksital: Episode 26 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

He is the villain I just have a soft spot for villain character who have awsome character development. Lizz25 August 24, at 8: Yes, i keep telling myself.


Maybe trying times reveals the truth about us? Is having an identity is that bad?

The Count is still in shock and mutters that all he ever wanted was for his son to be happy and live well so he put everything he had into Kishokai. He sends the army to hit the camp, while he takes a small group of men to the wedding. I always anticipate your Gaksital recaps and your personal comments; it’s helped me loads, and also made me realize a looooot of things in the drama.

The smoke circles around him as his clothes and skin burn. So I’m not sure. Maya September 7, at 5: This is a drama that will linger with me for a very long time.

Time to walk in and find out for yourself-Shunji decides. What does it take, she asks, to be as brave as him? Man, I really wanted Kimura to die a slow, painful death via poisoning by the old nanny who would have been spiking his food with small bits of arsenic.

Ok thats enough for the year dramagods, i dont think i can handle another intense production like this, my BP needs some recovery time-till next yr! Perhaps he will corner Kangto and hesitate just before delivering the coup degrace, or perhaps he will even take a bullet for Kangto. I just looked draabeans up, lol it sounds like it’s right up my alley.

Shunji gaining the upper hand for once gave me a panic attack. Koiso worries that they got nothing out of him Really, this is what worries you? Love for one’s country, soul mate, and although he didn’t mention it his own life is the most important aspect of life.


The female comrade easily framabeans out Rie and smirks hehe, that was satisfying! She hangs up when she hears him enter. Omg, I had no idea Tamao felt that way! Everyone silently averts their gaze, unable to tell her the truth and Baek cries as he looks at her.

I never wanted her to die, so I’m super happy she gets this second chance at life as her real self. Shunji watches him through the blinds and Kang To turns back to see Shunji watching him.

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drwmabeans This is probably the best acting i have EVER seen on my life. Autumn August 29, at 9: Lemontda on Heartless City Episode 20 Reca…. Prepare your tears and your dgamabeans, and reserve a hug from someone close for the aftermath.

China who also suffered the occupation never made any statements how happy they were of the deaths. Then there’s that moment when he got pleasure from torturing Boss Jo in the nail cage and actually managed to crack a fake?!