Less impressive is the length of time it takes for vibrations to settle out roughly seconds. This clamp does not feature an index, but a spirit level is included. Other Gitzo representations include “5” for carbon fiber, “7” for Magnesium and “8” for Basalt. This is extremely useful with heavy equipment, long lenses and spotting scopes. I used a 3-series tripod to ensure that the head was the limiting factor being observed. Double Quick Release Safety System The system consists of two pins, one fixed and one manually, operated by means of a button which prevents camera equipment from suddenly dropping out of the head when the quick release locking knob is released. The resulting jerky slip-stick motion makes fine-tuning subject framing a bit more challenging.

The Bubble Ball also features a perfected PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface micro roughness for the ultimate shooting experience and accuracy. Clamp size is somewhat of a differentiator. This clamp does not feature an index, but a spirit level is included. I seem to need both drop notch orientations with about the same frequency, so I don’t generally pay too much attention to the orientation. The Gitzo GHTQD is beautifully designed and its performance, especially for its tiny design, is equally-beautiful. This little ball head is independently great, but it really shines on the Gitzo Traveler 1-series carbon fiber tripods with legs that fold back over the head and the Gitzo GTT Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod is one example of a perfect match. Again, due to the torque being applied by gravity pulling on a reasonably-sized camera, it is easy for the head to loosen.

This feature also helps to make using heavy equipment or long lenses safer. When the main lock knob is tightened, the Gitzo GHTQD’s ball moves between negligibly and just slightly, depending mostly on the lens balance being used.

The Gitzo Center Ball Heads have a basic design similar to most other ball heads on the market, but they look like no others. Gj1781qr, even cameras with L-plates sometimes need more range of motion for photographing up or down at strong angles. Not all ball heads work well when they are really cold. Three Torx screws are positioned at the top of the body for what appears to be very easy disassembly.


Gitzo GH1382TQD Series 1 Traveler Center Ball Head Review

Bringing you this site is my full-time job typically hours per week. More importantly, these heads were very solidly built and locked down very tightly.

This clamps is reasonably-sized overall, though the gripping portion is somewhat small, measuring 1. Higher numbers generally come with a higher price tag and a heavier weight. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Gitzo is really a brand that you can trust regardless how extreme position that you are trying you camera won’t fall except you use it beyond what it design for. One more important lock knob test: The Gitzo ball remains smoother gotzo load and easily locks tight enough for normal use, but much more torque is required to make it really tight and it cannot be locked gh1781wr enough to handle the maximum load that the RRS head can.

The larger the clamp hexd, the greater its potential gripping power becomes and the more rigid its construction can be. The Acratech is considerably more expensive. The first numeric character in the name represents the series number.

Gitzo GH1781QR Series 1 Ball Head QR Black Tripod Heads and Accessories

The fourth number is the release number, incrementing with each model line refresh. Flash, Lighting and Accessories. To be fair, not all heads are designed for the type of load I’m applying, but with the weight and cost of DSLR gear, I’m very cautious about using a head that doesn’t lock very tightly.

Weight is often proportional to the size. Of very high importance to me is that the ball head clamp or one that I can mount to the ball stem threads is compatible with the Arca-Swiss standard and as mentioned at the beginning of the review, this is a feature of Gitzo’s latest Center Ball Heads.


Not Specified by Manufacturer. I’m happy with this purchase. The Quick Release system provides for fast removal and replacement of your equipment and it is built with three bubble levels on the quick release plate plus one in the ball stem for highly accurate positioning. The Bubble Ball also features a perfected PTFE treatment that further reduces the surface micro roughness for the ultimate shooting experience and accuracy.

Gitzo GHQR Series 1 Ball Head with Quick Release (Black) Price | auroTripodsMonopods

The size of the ball and ball housing also mandates, at least to some extent, the width of the ball head.

There have hh1781qr some otherwise very nice ball heads on the market that I have avoided because of this issue. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Excellent gear!!

The Acratech head is larger and very slightly heavier.

The Gitzo locks tighter, but shows slightly more vibrations. While gtzo L-plate -equipped camera or lens plate -equipped lens often does not need a significant amount of head tilt, a base-plate-only-equipped camera needs to be able to tilt a signficant amount, especially to accommodate vertically oriented image capture.

Tripods, Ball Heads and Accessories. Both function very well and which head has the nicest appearance is up to personal taste. It is easy to very quickly discern a great deal about a ball head’s expected performance using only the ball lock knob. A high friction metal guarantees a high efficiency lock; the PTFE bushing controlled by a pre-loaded spring maximizes smoothness and control.

It MUST insert flatly to the slot otherwise you will get it stuck and it could be really hard to get it back out scratch will surely happen. Issues include varying smoothness during rotation and very firm locking knob torque required for complete tightening.