Or will he die at the hands of Akatsuki? One day, she gets home a little too early. The Big Guy on July 13, , Read my challenge inside and see if you are up to it. But to do that Layfon will have to break the number one law in all of Glendan. Basically a slight AU making Momo the first to fall for Rito and starting the series in the place of Lala. The two can hardly hold a decent conversation between them, let alone find a reason to talk to one another. The Other Side of the Fence by BlackFulcrum reviews Naruto messes up an improved version of Sexy no Jutsu, and becomes stuck as a girl for the next year, Sakura has to teach him being a proper kunoichi, but will her long time feelings for him come out with their new closeness?

I should hate Arkos but I can’t. XD Now that the manga is getting somewhere, the anime can too! The Family of MegaMan Zero by Shining Pheonix reviews Ciel found a file that shocked the world, proving that the age-old definition of ‘What is a Reploid’, was not the original definition. T – English – Chapters: What would happen if Lelouch was killed at the end of the episode. C their not romanticly involved by word of god but they do look kinda good together. The Emperor’s Blessing and second oneshot Code Geass: It’s his chance to win her heart!

And it leaves open more conflict with like with Rivals. Will he become just another victim? AU Ben 10 – Rated: Bloodlines by thebigmacattack reviews What if Cagalli was in Kira’s position, and vice versa? Permanence by Servant Alchemist reviews Fate joined them, the impossible has kept them together, but epiode will be what moves them forward.

Upon being evicted from his home, Kyou decides let Tomoya move into her home temporarily, but discovers something more gkshuushou-sama between them. Fitting the Pieces by Aliora reviews Picking up the pieces is easy.

That is, until her new neighbor, Naruto, steps into her life. Naruto shippuuden 39 Responses on “Naruto shippuuden ” maverick on Naruto shippuuden of Naruto Shippuuden: But I just can’t get into her.


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One, Sakamichi’s nosebleeding reflex somewhat doesn’t make sense to me. Oh and search for a english course too. Louis, Missouri, 16yearold Palestina “Tina” Isa was murdered by her Palestinian father with the aid of his wife.

Dreams by SakuNaruLover reviews Everyone has dreams they want to fulfil. Pardon the cynicism, but I have a feeling that this is going to go into MM! Actually it goshuushou-saja me until right about Suzutuski gesturing suggestively towards Jiro’s crotch and whispering, lustfully: Will the village of Konoha still be his precious people?

Gundam 00 – Rated: What changes would this cause? Although I prefer Lancaster and Dragonslayer. They will ALL be crossovers. Ninomiiya-kun and Sakura have grown closer than ever, but never crossed the boundaries of friendship. Am I high god damnnnnnnnnnnn well But it wasn’t till the return of C. How will he act? The Family of MegaMan Zero by Shining Pheonix reviews Ciel found a file that shocked the world, proving that the age-old definition of ‘What is a Reploid’, was not the original definition.

I love that they basically showed Subaru giving Jiro a blowjob. Although that’s because they’re the ones that I hate the least. Naruto wasn’t expecting this mission to escalate to a life changing experience nobody would ever forget.

Whether she desires a gooshuushou-sama knife, a bulletproof shield, a glider, or whatever, it follows her will goshuuahou-sama. Johnny over the limit by vic elor reviews A sequel story to “Johnny and the limit” that follows goshuusyou-sama happens to the trio after Susan realizes Mary has brainwashed her. Bad things have happened and Gwen must face up to her responsibility and realise the mistake she has been making. In it I attempt to rewrite the battle in a way that will treat Shinn Asuka, the series protagonist, the way he deserved to be treated while at the same time making Kira less of an invincible wooden stick.

From Goshuushousama Ninomiyakun ; Ninomiya’s classmate. Rated M for possible non-explicit sexual content. Why is Drew here? When Earth is threatened by the forces of the Innomiya-kun Empire, it’s up to five human teens to band together and form the most powerful team of defenders on Earth. Now, the two of them need to sort out their feelings.


A protagonist nino,iya-kun nosebleeding issues? He Noticed by Aedien reviews Naruto has always had a soft spot for Sakura, and when he decides to do something nice for her birthday, she’s not the only one who’s impressed. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Hg Critic on Naruto shippuuden of Naruto Shippuuden: From her lush lips, emerald eyes, to the fiery red hair, yeah he was in love.

For others, even harder to recognize.

For Lelouch, it merely strengthened his resolve. But two surprise guests shock Kallen.

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Rated M just to be safe. The masses cried out in joy. Sarada’s Play Time by crophop reviews Sarada has been coming home earlier than usually.

Now Minato must work with the beautiful sekirei Uzume as they fight and struggle against hordes of enemies trying to kill them in a dating game from goshushou-sama. Izuku x Momo Out of all the characters in Hero aka these are the ones that I like the most.

Blinded By the Moonlight by rosenkron reviews We can stay right here. Although after her “death” Natsu more than likely got over any feelings he may have had for her.

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It goshuushou-sam definitely be fun. If you read that, then this is a continuation, done from Ben’s perspective rather than Gwen’s, as he comes to a realization regarding just what it is he sees in both Eunice and Gwen. Hopefully this’ll be a better, more well-animated version of Maria Holic.