Rae catches them kissing, she suffers a miscarriage. Ste was regularly beaten by Terry, who was defended by Pauline. Ste was shown to have come from a broken home: He had difficulties portraying it initially, this was because he was not familiar with the subject. Ste breaks up with Harry on his 18th birthday and gets back together with John Paul. The representative said this was why he ended up apologising. After feeling pressured, Doug tells Ste the loan he got to buy the deli is actually from Brendan.

Despite this, Ste became increasingly violent and started to hit Amy, on one occasion even cutting off her ponytail. He also did not perceive it as a romantic story stating: Ste was shown to have come from a broken home: Ste discovers Brendan’s former lover Macca Drew Dillon is in hospital after being beaten up by Brendan. Tony discovers their relationship at the village pride and doesn’t approve of their relationship. When Brendan’s father attacks Brendan, Cheryl shoots him.

Doug saves Sinead and goes back in to save Ste. Ste begins a feud with Josh and his cousin Fletch after they both defend Amy, who does not want to have sex.

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storylien Brendan tells Ste they have to pretend until Declan returns to Ireland. When Brendan’s father attacks Brendan, Cheryl shoots him. In later episodes, his “brother” was never mentioned, possibly insinuating that Ste had lied about him. Ste is angered when he sees Brendan has assaulted Trev Holkyoaks Scott Nealwho he thinks is gay, leading him to believe that Brendan’s denial of his sexuality is leading him to gay-bash, ending their relationship.

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Ste and Amy become a couple again and move into a flat of their own. Ste and John Paul split up and Sinead gives birth to their daughter Hannah. As they turn away, Ste falls and breaks his leg. Harry discovers that Ste slept with John Paul and they fight, kncking a glass of wine over Amy’s dress. Tony visits Ste and proposes to him on Harry’s behalf.


Ultimately he stated “He may care for Noah, but he will always run back to Brendan”. Use dmy dates from November Good articles Wikipedia articles in need of updating from July All Wikipedia articles in need of updating.

James Nightingale Gregory Finnegan is hired as Ste’s lawyer. When Sinead finds out she leaves the village with Hannah.

Ste has been at the centre of several storylines including joyriding, domestic abuse, a baby kidnapping plot, drug dealing, HIV and a gay relationship. Despite his promise, Ste steals a karaoke machine, which causes Amy to walk out and tell Mike of her abuse, after which he beats Ste up. Inside Soap Yearbook Ste avoids Brendan, still shaken by his actions.

Ste robs from The Hutch and accidentally pushes Diane Hutchinson Alex Fletcher against a table, knocking her unconscious. Retrieved 9 July The next day Harry visits and hollyoakss to Ste and he happily accepts.

Ste forgives Noah realising Brendan’s intentions. Its storylinw was to raise awareness of domestic abuse in a homosexual relationship. Northern and Shell Media Publications. Archived from the original on 5 April After this, Warren beats up Ste. However, Brendan punches Ste, who falls stte the ground.

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Jollyoaks move in with Leela but her boyfriend Cameron Campbell Cameron Moore doesn’t want them living with him and makes up false accusations about Ste so they out and end up homeless. Ste told Amy’s father Mike to look after Lucas and Leah in the aftermath of the baby plot because he didn’t think he was a good father. A fight ensues and Cameron knocks Ste off the boat.


During Ste’s persona improved when storylije became a single father to Lucas Hay Jude and Amy’s daughter to a previous relationship, Leah Jessica Croft-Lane after she developed post-natal depression.

Ste becomes addicted to drugs and when John Paul is released from prison, they begin a relationship. He had difficulties portraying it initially, this was because he was not familiar with the subject.

When Theresa “had her eye on Ste” for a potential boyfriend, Jaci Stephen writing for the Daily Mail quipped “Given his history of violence towards women, that might be realised more literally than she would like. Retrieved 11 July Ste felt a connection he never felt before because he hadn’t had another male partner. Retrieved 7 March The next day, Brendan corners Ste and kisses him again. Ste and Sinead get engaged but he begins an affair with Harry behind her back. Brendan confesses love jarry Ste and they sleep together and Brendan’s wife Eileen Brady Rachel Doherty walks in on them.

Following positive viewer feedback after this second stint, Kirkwood asked Richardson to reprise the role on a permanent basis, beginning 26 September