Pratima meets Yuvraaj at the sanctuary and inquires as to why is he stressed. She says no, I won’t go till we get Chakor. Rashmi says I don’t feel like it, I took the choice and I m upbeat, much appreciated. Bhuvan has neither money nor a cow to donate to Pandit for Hariyas funeral, so Bhuvan and Kasturi go to Rajvanshis haveli, instead, his wife Tejaswini suggests that they keep the unborn child as a collateral. Akshara says its odd, our life rotates around the kid subsequent to turning into a mum. Govind says I can’t concur, as thusly isn’t right. They think to give some response to Amaya. She moves his hand off and gets Sam’s call.

Both Zaroon and Kashaf apply for, and get admitted to the Pakistans Central Superior Services, once again, Zaroons attempts at friendship are repeatedly turned down, as Kashaf believes him to be the same flirtatious and irresponsible person as before. Kokila inquires as to whether she is prepared to attach rakhi to her sibling Karunesh. The Episode begins with Chakor making the sign and taking off. Vidya says Gaura ought not have reprimanded Meera like that. She says there will be no muh dikhayi of Swara today. Lalita grins and favors him. By what method would you be able to rebuff Ragini for my doing. Devyaani requests that Maharaj make a few desserts.

Shivam gets irate on Nimmi and Preeti and says if Papa saw me, then. Devyaani says its every single fine thi time. Mantu looks on and gets udazn. Sujata calls Dadi and welcomes her for Muh Dikhayi. Bhabhimaa says I m terrified even at this point. She asks what are you doing here.

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The awards were first presented in at a ceremony held at the Karachi Expo Centre, the awards are now reputed as an official ceremony of Hum TV, and has been given in more than a dozen categories. Akshara gets some information about her joy, whats halting her, is she glad like this. Bua rrama with him and inquires as to why did he come so soon.


He says we will talk later uddaan goes. He says in light of the fact that I m truly here. Rinki says perhaps she went to take puja things. She says why sapmon Lalima say against our family, I didn’t care for it. Laksh says 1 min. Bhalla says we will get late for mahurat. Shanti requests that her get tea. Surekha gets call and woman insults her about Pinky.

After seven years, Chakor enters the haveli and she is a fearless, kind-hearted, and an intelligent girl. Bhabho supposes they are not wrong, I misjudged Sandhya, possibly there is something incorrectly behind Lalima’s goals, I won’t give her a chance to hurt Sooraj.

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Dania often gives Bunty clues that she loves him but he doesnt understands, Bunty doesnt realise that Dania loves him so he keeps flirting with other girls. Sumi inquires as to why she will say that Swara and Sanskar’s marriage is fake. Ishaani goes into her room, him that her times with Ranveer-the valentines festivities, their embraces and admissions. Amma embraces her and says you have softened my stone heart. He says what she let them know, why I couldn’t believe her.

Radhika comes dgama with her pack.

The sole motive of Hum Awards is to give tribute to artists with them for eight years and especially to hearten and motivate those projects that were on aired from January to December Rekha and everybody see it. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. She says even I don’t have the foggiest idea. Fine, then wipe this sindoor and tries saponn wipe it. Shivam takes a gander at them. He sanpon where is she going. Dida requests that her take a seat and says there is no reason to worry.

He says I need to invest energy with my wife. Bhalla says he is at the very least Amma. Shanti srama that Riya rest and swings to rest.

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Akshara goes to her. Each episode follow the lives of Wali and Faarah who became the cause of reuniting the family fell apart because of Agha Jaans eldest son Behroze. His father, Purshottam, is fearful of Bhaiyaji and tries to return Chakor to Rajvanshi, Ishwar is arrested on a sitray charge by Bhaiyaji, who argues that Ishwar kept Chakor in his home illegally in order to sell her. He says my father advised that to frighten everybody, there is no crocodile, we will get Chakor come.


Babu educates Vaibhavi regarding hdaan sign, its bandhua sign on everybody’s hand, its on Chakor’s hand as well. Ayush says fine, and tastes it.

Ranveer advises the legal advisor to present the papers in the court to satisfy every one of the customs. Nani asks am I lying. Nimmi says Shivam is holding up. Shanti awakens and asks Riya whose call is it. Bharat says I m not able to hear anything. He says that young lady is prepared to admit who and why somebody has sent her.

He says its value 2 lakhs, I told my companion that I will pay cash one month from now, he has kept precious stone ring sold, its matter of one month, kk will get it in one month. Sudheer comes there and says I like Pinky. Akshara hears this and gets considering. Govind says sorry, we are great family and can’t connect relations like this, in what capacity would we be able to offer little girl to any more peculiar, this marriage can’t happen.

Naira says zapnon first time for us. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Chakor says she needs rakhi. They all keep running from that point. He says I need to bring my one truth infront of Swara’s falsehoods.