Retrieved August 8, Nov 12, to Jan 10, Genres: Walking to school one day Tsubasa Hanekawa encounters a huge white tiger apparition at a crossroads that talks to her. Homura is strongly against Madoka becoming one, Madoka almost making the pact after being inspired by Mami to become a magical girl to help people. Works directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. While you might not agree with characters’ choices and actions, they all make sense and are never forced. It’s a great character piece and a worthy addition to the franchise, but it is far from an uplifting cap to the series. This site uses cookies.

Trailer English sub version. Kyubey explains that he and his fellow “Incubators” have chosen to turn human teenage girls into magical girls to harvest the energy output from their inevitable transformations into witches to prolong the inevitable heat death of the universe. Nekketsu Kizumonogatari Part 3: Retrieved October 25, Homura attempts to face Walpurgisnacht, but is ultimately defeated and draws close to despair, feeling her efforts have become pointless. This site uses cookies. The result of the action causes Madoka’s existence to become erased from reality, with only Homura remembering her.

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Sneako All reviews 35 people found this review helpful. This ultimately fails, with Kyouko choosing to sacrifice shouj to destroy Sayaka with her. Edit Manga Information What would you like to edit? Meeting with Madoka helps Homura clear majou head and reach the conclusion that she is the witch who created the barrier, Kyubey confirming himself and his fellow Incubators to masterminded it.

Eien no Monogatari is a story of inescapable destiny, and an unlikely hero who could change it all. In the city of Mitakihara, Kaname Madoka, along with her friend, Miki Sayaka, encounter a creature named Kyuubee and are saved from witches by magical girl Tomoe Mami.


This remark is solely there to establish his superiority.

Koyomi becomes involved in their lives, revealing secrets in people he once knew. Phil Beauman based on characters created byJason Friedberg based on characters created by6 more credits Stars: Christian Bale is a bonafide A-list star, but he missed out on plenty of huge roles along the way.

Edit Did You Know? As a witch begins forming, Kyubey muses how a “magical girl” is only a “witch” yet to fully mature. As the truth behind the girls’ contracts with Kyubey is revealed, Madoka has to make the ultimate decision to either see those she love the most die before her eyes or to sacrifice her life as a normal girl and help out her friends in need. It is a recap of the last four episodes of the series.

Retrieved February 27, Retrieved May 24, So get ready to explore the magical girl anime Sailor Moon and Madoka Magica more closely! From playthings to serious display figures. The two hour documentary that syoujo with the LE version of Rebellion: Retrieved August 8, I have a question.

Zero Concrete Revolutio Season 2 Yes No Report this. Homeless, and not wanting to stay This is important to know because the third movie and the opening of this movie as well as the first one make it blatantly clear that Homura and Madoka are in love with each other. Mathematics Teacher voice Yoshitsugu Matsuoka Kyubey’s intentions provoke Homura into completing her transformation into the witch Homulilly to have her familiars kill every Incubator within the labyrinth while resolute to destroy herself rather then be saved.

Mar 31, 7: A mysterious creature “Kyubey” offers a young girl named Madoka Kaname the chance to have any one wish granted to her. Thanks for the hard work. Share this Rating Title: Takase Kazuya, Chuujou Misa Release date: Castle in the Sky Little Busters!


Grab the fixed subtitle, mkvmerge. But that arrogant selfishness ultimately leads to him losing control of the situation and the universe in a wider sense. In exchange for that wish, however, that girl must become a magical girl who must fight against witches, creatures born from despair that are responsible for accidents, disease, and suicide.

Add to My List. Steins;Gate 2 Users Evangelion: Anonymous on Hotarubi no Mori e —…. VLC is no longer on my system. January 5 – 11 Anime Releases Dai-Shogun: Retrieved January 16, When Madoka learns that Sayaka and Kyoko are to fight on a highway bridge, she intervenes by throwing Sayaka’s Soul Gem, the source of her power, into a speeding truck.

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Change language to english. Eternal Puella Magi Madoka Magica: And compared to the compassion of many people who wish to make the life of livestock as comfortable as possible, Kyubey always blames humans for their discomfort. Why did Homura wish Faylicia – Apr 18, Works by Gen Urobuchi. Patch for the p version only: Madoka is nearly tricked into making a wish to help Sayaka when Homura kills Kyubey, telling Madoka to be so selfless before seeing her run off to find Sayaka.

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