In part B, Fuyuki is still mad at Natsumi for what happened that day. He and Tamama install humidifiers in Keroro’s room, which drastically increases his intelligence and strength, but the room becomes overly humid when it begins to rain, causing Keroro to go berserk. Katsuyuki Konishi as Street racer ep There, he’s forced to do household chores and sleep in a dark basement that was once supposedly a prison cell haunted by the ghost of an innocent girl. John Gremillion as TV Voice ep Haruna Ikezawa as Momoka Nishizawa.

However, Keroro has other plans for the group. When things were looking good a tiger horse attacked them, when Keroro looked at a childhood toy, his tramua turned on. Chisa Yokoyama as President Kiko Katoyama ep Giroro finds a cat getting wet in the rain and decides to keep it. Shelf Life – The Idolmeister Aug 22, Hiroshi Komata eps Kenichi Tajiri eps Frog DVD part 1 Dec 10,

Keroro Gunso ep 358 subbed (Season 7 Bonus Episode)

Michael Tatum as Dororo. The bad Momoka escapes guunso mansion looking for Fuyuki. However, there is a time limit to change her back or she’ll remain young again and Aki escaped to Fuyuki’s school to pass the day. September Sep 2, Hiroya Ishimaru as Pilot ep Greg Ayres as Gray ep Todd Haberkorn as Keroro.


Junichi Sato until April Director: Yasuhiko Kawazu as Gesu-chan ep Giroro trains the brother while Keroro, Tamama and Mois search for the kids’ target. Part IV Mar 23, Giroro finds a cat getting wet in the rain and decides to keep it.

Ryan Roach as Larry Viper ep Masao Harada as Member B ep The “A” stories are the ones episore in the old timeslot, while the “B” stories are exclusive to the Otsu timeslot. Miguel Ortiz as Paul Moriyama Spain dub.

The Hinatas don’t think their curry is very good, but the curry is very popular, to their surprise. Gray-man, Druaga, WitchbladeMore Mar 31, Keroro Gunso Report Sep 2, Eduard Doncos as Kogoro Catalan dub.

Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. In part B, Fuyuki is still mad at Natsumi for what happened that day. CCR office fuu Studio Lagoon. The Silence of the Plans!

Mayor ep 18 Shop Owner ep Bo-Yeong Kim as Gyororo. Gianluca Iacono as R-Grey ep Pilar Ferrero Spain dub. Luca Bottale as Taruru 1st voice.


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Uso Yyappa Yamete de Arimasu ” Japanese: However, Koyuki is invited instead. Sunrise Industry Panel Jul 30, Momoka gets a complete makeover to make Fuyuki like her more. Ioanna Gkizas as Tamama. Satoshi Eplsode eps Animation Director: Some Like It Scorching and Miserable!

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Katsuya Shiga as Man ep Junji Majima as Yasuo Suzuki ep Japanese Box Office, March Mar 21, Christopher Patton as Viper. In B, Dororo gets angry at Keroro for leaving rice in his bowl.

They meet Keroro and the others there. In part A, Keroro falls gravely ill with a mysterious illness.

Choi Jihun as Mekeke.