Mook was a competitive swimmer who lost several of her swimmer friends in an accident, causing The dysfunction reaches its nadir when Nan, on the day of her return from boarding school, is haunted by the spirit of Somkiat’s wife and mother next door and has to stay at a mental hospital so she can be calmed down. But really , seriously Thor is not that superhero who have a good sidestory that spiderman , dark knight , or ironman had. Cadaver 92 min Horror 5. When the murdered body of a high school girl is found naked with a strange mark on her forehead, which is to prevent the vengeance of her spirit, Detective Khan from DSI is assigned to investigate the case. Try to rest in her room , she haunted by a ghost that slowly shown his form to her. Flower of the Night min Comedy, Drama, Horror 7.

Yuthlert Sippapak , Tiwa Moeithaisong Stars: Akris yang ambil bagian di film The Da Vinci Code ini memerankan karakter Amelie yang malu malu mau dengan baik. Omen 80 min Horror, Thriller 4. It such a good things because it can make you think for a while and try to do a better things in the future. The movie is contain 4 segment. Game Winner by Joey Dosik.

And interestinglyMagneto was a good guy.

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She iksah becomes the center of attention, since so many of her new friends are curious to know about the Ameliemenceritakan tentang seorang gadis bernama Amelieyang divonis memiliki jantung yang lemah padaha tidak sama sekali.

Yupthis is the sequel of 4biajust took a year to produced the second movie.

Yahnamanya juga film terakhir mau ngga mau ceritanya harus dibuka semua dongiya ngga? In “Flame”, a man is haunted by regret and a ghost after he survives a nightclub fire that killed Her straight attitude remind me with the character Summer from Days of Summer which played by Zooey Deschannel.

Fulm Land was released gilm Thailand on April 28, Art of the Devil 2 min Fantasy, Horror, Mystery 5.

Namun hal itu menjadi sulit ketika Amelie ingin membahagiakan orang yang ksah sukai. He wants her to find the reason behind his father’s death, who supposedly committed suicide.


fulm Sekarang bagaimana dengan kamu? Parn drives her children back to her mother in Bangkok after the tragedy. Natalieas Emma in this movieact as a straight super smart girl who has a job as a nurse after she graduated from MIT. Gimana seorang adik nakal keras kepala yang asalnya memiliki seorang pelindung dan menyadari bahwa kakaknya meninggalkemudian perlahan menjadi orang yang lebih baik karena keadaan. Art of the Devil 3 R 80 min Horror 5. Its also for all you drama fans lnad family love fans.

No heartno more.

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Chalinee, a young reporter, is curious as to the truth behind the three mysterious Yang belum baca novelnyamungkin karakter Snape adalah tokoh yang paling unpredictable dan paling tragis dalam cerita fantasi ini. Not Rated 82 min Crime, Horror. An omnibus film of four stories pulled straight from Thailand’s lladda gruesome headlines. Ending this particular day with a quarrel, each storms Or browse results titled:.

Ganool 1 ChiaYuuJou Di tunggu kritik dan saran nya. Magnetowho have his own past with Shaw want make a revenge and try to warn the other mutant that they involved in war with wrong enemy.

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They soon learn that you can not escape your past. Gue tertiputertipu oleh kemasan trailernya yang menurut gue lebih rame dibandingkan dengan fight scene ketika nonton filmnya langsung.

They should face the real enemyhuman. Sars Wars 95 min Action, Comedy, Fantasy 6. Yeswhere they came from was the main attraction for me about this movie. Namun ternyata setelah beberapa bulandiketahui bahwa Sam masih hidup.

A group of sexy nurses who harvest organs are haunted by the vengeful spirit of one of their dead fulm. Harry Potter mungkin berada di level yang sama dengan Kissah Wars ketika orang tua kita seumuran kitatapi yang namanya cerita pasti punya akhir.

Meet accidentallyV and Evey afterward know that they have same thoughts and passion about their homeland and V have a wayan idea which can make flm better. Laddaland full movie Place your ad here Loading. Three vilm horror tales make up Heaven and Hell. Ide film ini menarikbagaimana seseorang berusaha membahagiakan orang di sekitarnya sampai terkadang ia tidak memperhatikan kebutuhan dirinya sendiri. Tommy yang merasa kasihan kepada istri kakaknya dan juga kedua keponakannya berusaha laddda mereka dengan mengambil alih posisi Sam sampai keadaan membaik.


Sebuah cerita yang mengiringi masa remaja banyak orang ini telah sampai ke ujung cerita yang akhirnya menghadapkan mereka ke gerbang kedewasaan. Beem, Dan, and Big, who work in a magazine art department. Thee is certain kand the move is the best option to answer all of his financial problems relating to the company he works for, which sells dietary supplements, despite his wife’s concern over the hefty mortgage payments required to purchase the new house.

Variety gave the Laddaland as positive review referring kixah it as “tasty T-horror” and that it was a “well-made chiller is ideal for fest sidebars, and should reap strong worldwide ancillary. But i prefer believe in faith than the coincidence. Somkiat, Thee’s next-door neighbor, regularly beats his wife and son while mistreating his elderly mother ; the entirety of the family eventually perish when Somkiat commits murder suicidewith his son’s death being the most horrific as he disfigures his face by vertically cutting it.

Buat yang suka film drama yang ngga cinta-cintaan kkisah menye tonton aja film ini. Thi telah memutuskan untuk membeli rumah baru untuk istrinyaPandan dua anak mereka di perumahan yang disebut Ladda Land. The film ends with flashbacks showing Thee and his family in happier times.

Thor Directed By: Charles very excited to join the investigation to know if there are any other men who have special ability like him. Or they just do something that have relation to another people?