Miyabi was my second choice for him to go with so I am ok. Miyabi is quite the cute girl this episode especially in her little flashback getting fed and acting just in general.. Creepy stalker part is still creepy though even without the overflowing brotherly affection. Sure Shougo, believing what Yuzurina said, even though it conflicts with what others have said and what she herself has said is a solid choice. You’re making Shougo’s mom cry a lot, you know. It’d mean she’d have completely tricked him. However Shougo is a douche and an indecisive bastard. Originally posted by Momoka Kibi View Post.

I notice Mei blushes more at one point even. Kannagi certainly wanted a taste of his lips and she got her wish. Indeed and it was a nice forced step of her. Give it up Shougo, you should marry those three already. Miyabi being the sister also conveniently removes her from Shougo’s romantic options despite all the incest stuff , and, well, there were only really two romantic options, so Well, if you put it that way About cafe, 2 things strike a lot in there.

Sep 22nd at 6: I don’t remember anybody’s names. What’s up with that?

He’s not really interested in the position though is it? Miyabi is quite the cute girl this episode especially in her little flashback getting fed viscussion acting just in general.

Miyabi is actually his cousin. So since the main character shougo is pretty much a moral fag I doubt they would hit it off anyway source: And it is not like the novels are all translated or anything. Well, it was an enjoyable show overall.


Now I hope there is a season 2. I never mentioned the “bed scene”. Get Known if you don’t have an account. Foiling the plot at the end seemed a little anti-climactic to me though. Miyabi was seriously moe in this ep esp with the kiss between Shougo and Miyabi.

Prez is cute too. I will mention it because oono seems nobody does mention it. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.

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Which ends a bit of volume 8. Hence she got into the whole thing. On the contrary there are 12 episodes of the anime and it wraps it up as Miyabi being the sister. Shogo, you’re pretty awesome. Now there’s the race to see who gets to be his girlfriend, with Miyabi acting as blocker trying to stop them.

But I constantly under-estimate how much everyone’s actions are driven by the ecchi nature of this show, so by all means, don’t mind me.

Instead of “just” a creepy stalker? And some of you have suggested the prospect of there being another sister floating around. Ii tenki desu ne Well, that was an enjoyable generic harem. I’m glad they kissed, way to go Miyabi for making sure Shougo got it over with. One of the things that always intrigue me is how the girl needs to do the footwork of getting on height with her male partner for a kiss.

Yuzurina was kinda cute but her character was just evil Although it was more like an eroge adaptation than novel. Never would of thought she was the sister, should of seen the signs because they were pretty obvious.


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Today’s Posts Member List Calendar. As I said before, something about that sister seems off. Volume 8 discussiob the light novel translated thanks to a nice anonymous user. This episode implies that the new girl has an agenda and is not necesarily the sister.

Konoe is the real sister. But Kannagi is too gullible IMO. Watchin’ Korean Historical Drama Random ramblings of reality I will miss the speculations that was discussed in the previous threads. I’m Disappointed that Mana didn’t have enough screentime on this series.

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Getting away with murder. About cafe, 2 things strike a lot in there. Quite the lovely site.

Although he can finally date anyone, Miyabi won’t allow it. Sep 15th at 8: The stunt with the party was pretty sly. Will be waiting for the OVA. Feels a little cliffhanger-ish. Yuzurina is kinda of the annoying girl this episode with more of her expressions, ugh.

Anyway I just finished the final episode and yea they pretty much went so off track from the Light novel that i don’t think there is any way there could be a season 2 haha.