Keita and Kuro manage to synchronize and defeat Hiyou, but Shinobu dies as she was not able to tap into Keita’s Tera Energy to make herself stronger. Views Read Edit View history. Keita and Kuro catch up with Reishin where they realize that Akane is still alive and has formed a Contract with him. After seeing the splitting image of someone with the same looks as his own mother, Keita visits a ramen shop when Kuro shows up with her pet dog Punipuni. As the trio continue to enjoy their Okinawa vacation, Hiyou and Shinobu Nanase arrive in Okinawa as well, preparing for another mission to locate the Tera Stone. The Final Act — Hipira Alone Again Coicent Five Numbers!

Endless Waltz City Hunter: With Love from the Lovely Angels — Dougram vs. Namu realizes that they are heading for Kuro, the Shishigami princess. Keita Ibuki is currently a high school student living alone in Tokyo while being assisted by his father, who remits money for his allowance, and daily visits by his old childhood friend Akane Sano after his mother dies from an encounter with her own Doppeliner as a young boy. The Boy with Crystal Eyes Gundam: Later on, Akane meets with Keita and Kuro in a small restaurant after being followed secretly by Excel and Steiner from the local bank where she works as a bank teller. Produced by Sunrise and directed by directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi , [1] [2] the series had an advance screening of episode 1 on December 27, before it began broadcasting on TV Asahi on January 8,

Keita collapses from exhaustion and Tera Energy depletion and briefly dies. Episose was until Keita, finding out that his teacher Tsubota is a covert Tribal End agent, realizes that Kuro was right all along, thus teaming up with her to defeat Tsubota, after he initially gains the upper hand against Kuro, due to issues of synchronizing properly with Epissode. The stone releases the Masagami, a dark entity that releases ghosts which are physical manifestations of malice.

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With her englisn electrical energy, she joins the other two Masagami in attacking Reishin. They seem to get the upper hand, however, as Mikami attempts to deliver the final blow, Reishin causes an explosion, leading to Mikami’s defeat. The Animation was broadcast on the internet.

A Contact The Ideon: Word of an anime adaptation of Black God came from Young Gangan ‘s 20th issue with the announcement regarding the creation of Kurokami: Keita Ibuki is a year-old independent and struggling freelance computer programmer.


In a series of flashbacks, Kuro looks back at her journey from living with her family, meeting and forming a Contract with Keita, to returning to the Pure Place; Akane looks back from her time of residing with Keita to forming a Contract with Reishin and the destruction of the Masagami. Excel, along with Steiner, sees Keita and the others at the airport, as she gives him her Thousand as a gift to help him fight alongside Kuro. The two Noble One operatives disclose information regarding the death of Keita’s mother when they show a photo of her supposedly in a covert operation conducted in Okinawa under the command of Hiyoubringing Keita bad memories regarding the death of his mother years ago as a child.

As the exhausted Keita struggles to understand Akane’s motives, Reishin reveals that Akane chose to join him of 222 own free will. The Boy with Crystal Eyes Gundam: Pailsen Files — Code Geass: Anime and Manga portal.

In France and other French-speaking countries and territories, the manga goes under the name Kurokami: Nam leaves 222 well, recording that due to the presence of a Tera Guardian in the sacred precinct, the Masagami curse and Doppeliner System have faded away.

Kurokami Episode 16 [English Dubbed]

Retrieved from ” https: Seeing that he had die, Mikami no longer wishes to fight them and allows them to leave the mansion grounds for good. Encounters in Space The Ideon: He tells her that he will take the dpisode with him, thanking her for giving him a happy life.

Kuro and Keita assist Yakumo to escape while Yuki and Akane evacuate in the helicopter, but it malfunctions, crashing into the sea.

kuokami After seeing the splitting image of someone with the same looks as his own mother, Keita visits a ramen shop when Kuro shows up with her pet dog Punipuni. Meanwhile, Keita is determined to find out why his dubbed died after seeing her double as a young boy and to find out who is responsible for trying to destroy the coexistence balance on Earth.

Yuki hesitates before shooting Akane and is disarmed by Kuraki who threatens to kill her. After Reishin’s disappearance, the Chairman of the Kaionji clan announces that Yuki Kaionji is to be engaged to Kuraki who will become Vice-Chairman, to the disgust of the Kaionji children.


Sengoku Planet Ran Big Battle!! Kuro tells Keita how she came to Earth, revealing her origins as the princess of his tribe and the tragic history of her tribesmen after Reishin was told by her mother that he could alter the destiny of the world, leading it either to prosperity or to its doom.

Retrieved 10 August Kuraki and Raiga arrive to confront Keita with the Master Root of himself. With Love from the Lovely Angels — Dougram vs.

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As Miss Beelzebub Likes B. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Produced by Sunrise and directed by directed by Tsuneo Kobayashi[1] [2] the series had an advance screening of episode 1 on December 27, before it began broadcasting on TV Asahi on January 8, Island Wars Mobile Suit Gundam: Black Rebellion My-Otome 0: Kurokxmi though facing superior numbers, Reishin is able to defeat them, leaving June as the only survivor.

Keita narrates a recapitulation of events spanning from his encounter with Kuro to his involvement with her. The Final Act — Hipira As Kuro awakens from her stasis, a surge of Tera Energy is released, revealing that she is one of the three Masagami. Epiosde, by chance, encounters Shinobu, his mother’s double, who attempts to steal his Tera Energy.

In a flashback, Reishin recalls when the Shishigami Clan planned to kill Kuro whom they thought was the reincarnation of the Masagami. Battlogue Gundam Build Fighters: Miller’s Report Firefighter! The Movie Love Live!

Ash Wataru Majinzan Ronin Warriors: The Gravity Front — Urusei Yatsura: Be Invoked Crusher Joe Dougram: The manga englosh of Black God has been serialized with 19 bound volumes already released to the public by Square Enix in Japan and in magazine form by Young Gangan. Black God from its original name. Everyone tries to stop them reaching dpisode and Namu carries Kuro and Keita to safety.

Kuro faces off against Raiga, but Shinra attacks first. Outside the Tera Stone cave, Keita’s group are ambushed by a Kaionji Group of bodyguards but they are easily defeated by Yakumo and Riona.