Set in Ireland this film is based on 2 boys who go to all odds to escape to Australia after being inspired by a popular action film; yet with varied success it only takes a while to realise that the boys go from route escape to illegally bypassing the border! But this is film making by numbers, a direct smash and grab on what the director obviously thinks is ‘success’ – a film which patronises and despises the audience. Renner was very good as usual. Owen McCafferty born is a playwright from Northern Ireland. This is one of the very few times that Americans were given the truth on a platter, and the reaction Julie Walters is as always quite wonderful in her role, but the movie is of course stolen by the 2 young leads who display a wonderfully natural talent in roles which could have been written for them.

The most obvious change from stage to screen is in the naturalistic approach to characterisation. They run away from home and want to get to Australia. In my opinion only notch there is the end bit where Jonjo sends the star back to Mickybo. The story of two friends from different backgrounds is definitely nothing new, and I also don’t think it was told in any specially new way. The movie is obviously mostly centered around Mickybo and Jonjo. As for “treacle-coated ending”, as one review said, it was no such thing. Mark Huffam is a British film and television producer.

After watching their heroes at the movie theatre they see daily life as a scenery for the adventures they create on their fresh minds. Susan Lynch born 5 June is a Northern Irish actress. Irish film producers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Irish television producers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Traditionally the majority of films made in or about Northern Ireland have focused almost entirely on the Troubles; however, with the advent of peace sincethis ad starting to change. I hired it out from the video shop on a whim and it completely blew me away. But this is film making by numbers, a direct smash and grab on what the director obviously thinks is ‘success’ – a film which patronises and despises the audience.

Emerenciano 20 November List of films llet in Northern Ireland topic This is a list of films set in Northern Ireland, or in some cases dealing with issues relating to Northern Ireland. He has also had leading roles in the films Triggermen, Sho This is one of the very few times that Americans were given the truth on a platter, and the reaction Member feedback about List of costume designers: The same episode provides the entire second act of the movie.


It is hilarious and very dark in places.

Two young Irish lads one catholic mickeybo one protistent me meet coincidently when Mickeybo is chased by bully’s in a hilarious scene into the other side of Ireland. I have no expectation that it will ever be released in the U. The accents varied a little and I spotted a couple of the actors contriving the Belfast brogue – esp Julie Walters, but, hey, who cares, as she is one of the finest actors in the world – but in general, it was a poignant and moving tribute to an incredible, relationship which stretched beyond the sectarian divide.

For all the differences in their backgrounds, the boys have one important thing in common — self-indulgent, preoccupied fathers, one a philanderer, the other a gambler.

It will have you laughing tthis the tjis 12 minutes to where you will be in tears and shock. He let me do what I needed to do. Congratulations to all who were involved with making it and I encourage everyone else to go and see it.

Mark Huffam topic Mark Huffam is a British film and television producer. If you have watched an earlier review from me you would know that I had a hatred against Ryan Reynolds, and yes I will admit that it probably was just a pathetic attempt to prove something that didn’t even hold up, because as soon as I began watching movies where he actually acted more serious I quickly became infatuated by the movies.

Mickybo and Me

The young actors do a fine job, supported by the big names and the great scenery. The editing and cinematography is ,e times lame, but at other times absolutely fantastic, especially the ending scenes — pay attention because it is visually stunning. Notwithstanding, it is a remarkable good film.

Lists of films by country of production Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Irish films Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. We only accept for an actual link to be removed. I would recommend this film without hesitation.

Nice performances from the grown-ups, in the background. And later, Jonjo reflects on his fathers affair and how he doesn’t wish to return home to it, after the hay fire.


Renner was very good as usual.

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The movie is an excellent first feature for it’s director. He was known for his roles in the films CalAngela’s AshesMickybo and Me and Dracula Untold ,[1] as well as the Game of Thrones episode “The House of Black and White”but also known for his roles in theatre.

They plan to run to Australia and end up being ensued je Ireland’s finest!! That is the whole story, which in a way is kind of pathetic, but it is the way that the story is fed to you that pulls you mr, I am not going to go into detail about how this works instead I will simply just say that it works. John Joe Mcneill is much like Niall Wright, but doesn’t have quite the same power as Niall Wright has but that might be because of the characters different backgrounds, the rest of the actors for how good they all act, are all just along for the ride.

Anyone know where I can get a copy? Name, age, country of citizenship and reason for notability, established cause of death, reference. List of costume designers topic Costume designers are one a handful of artistic designers, whose personal and artistic choices determine miclybo outcome of the overall visual look of a stage, film or television production.

Ans would be nice to see Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid before watching the film, just so thiss can catch all of the inside jokes, but it’s not very necessary.

View the discussion thread. Service to north-west UK ports: I also think writer and director, Terry Loane, has manged to incorporate Ireland’s troubled history without making it too much a part of the film so as to spoil what is an excellent story in its own right. However I managed to understand the plot and follow through. Should be easily available from Amazon.