You feel you know some of these people. Thanks for the feedback on that bit of the film. Whether it is weird or a smart business decision or something else is not anything I really want to comment on anymore. Manish — Last saw the movie when you brought it to San Francisco and thoroughly enjoyed it. No mate, i dont know what he is working on, i just hope whatever it is does not end up being something big budgeted and self indulgent. You start laughing from minute one because you know what they are going to say and it is just the perfect thing for them to say!

Josh Cohen Seema Rahmani So we are on track given our schedule, and see no reason to release the DVD yet. Vikram Tejwani Kunaal Roy Kapur Shripriya — trademark registration? Otherwise, all other commercial movies are made to mint money and do not focus on quality. Will definitely let all readers of Tatvam know. I mean look at him — an over-the-top choice that is perfect for the character who will have you rolling on the floor laughing! I have been hearing fabulous things about your movie seems like this one is another path breaker after Flavors.

Will definitely let all readers of Tatvam know. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Kory Bassett as Otto.

loinw Hi Manish, I have not been able to watch this film in the US cause I live in a small university town. So … when will this DVD release? Manish, mate, are you ever making another film? Will roll out nationwide in select cities in the US this Fall. Rough Book is a hard look at the education system in contemporary India. Life for a shy young Indian student slowly falls off pieces during a family road trip. But it was my desperation to watch the moviethat my words seemed harsh.


Don’t have an account? Rrita Kapoor is learning music from her guruji when she receives a call about how her rival Bubbles is one-upping her.

Loins of Punjab Presents

Joins show-time antics to sociocultural commentary without reducing its characters, colorful as they are, to cartoons. Any idea if this movie will be screened in select theaters across the country? No fixed date yet but by the end of the year for sure. I mean look at him — an over-the-top choice that is perfect for the character who will have you rolling pjnjab the floor laughing! Punjzb then it might end up in the Adam Sandler zeitgeist.

For example, Turbanotorious BDG is introduced in a club as he does his own version of gansta rap as his family looks on, aghast at the cursing. Add the first question.

Loins of Punjab Presents (2007)

Well, people living abroad have still not been able to watch the movie. Ostensibly about a group of onlinee in a talent contest presentd explores much more than what the narrative declares. I have been wanting to watch this movie for ages! Try and capture a little buzz on the DVD circuit while the movie is still a little fresh and topical. For sure… heard and read great stuff about your film… we’ll wait while you work it out with the suits….

Things start changing for her when she accidentally lands a job as a radio jockey and her show becomes an instant hit. It stayed with me because the characters were so funny, so real and so endearing slimy Bokade is now a favorite!

Post Share on Facebook. I need lions of punjab as soon as possible, you are being infamous for not releasing it DVDs, I saw this movie in PVR in Bangalore when I couldn’t get the tickets of other movies in the theater, but i believed in the movie and saw with my friends, everyone of us liked it, I have tried presets the DVD of this movie at every library in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Now for the not so good part. Three struggling room-mates unknowingly become potential prey of a ruthless gangster.


It works on several levels thanks to deft observations of character supported by superb ensemble performances. And some of the Idol contestants were a touch over the top and not that believable.

Plus it is not playing in any of the theaters in NJ. All information contained on this site is protected by Copyright.

Road to Ladakh One of the things I loved about the movie was the instant association. No worries Harsh, I am not offended. Michael Raimondi as Josh Cohen.

Sorry I haven’t been checking this blog for a while. Mar 20, Full Review…. Darshan Jariwala as Sanjeev Patel. In the intro, Manish sets up each character in the way in which he wants you to see them. Search for ” Loins of Punjab Presents ” on Amazon.

At the same time, I understand the need of the financiers to maximize the return of the movie in different territories. Manish any signs of the DVD????

I have done theatre in my college in Delhi though.

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Regardless, one can never market enough. Shall see it on my next vacation to India. Hey Manish, September has come. Shabana Azmi as Rrita Kapoor.

I was wondering if there is any news about you releasing the DVD. Also, our press clippings file newspapers, magazines, reviews, etc.

Loins of Punjab Presents