I love your writing style too and hope you will do more recaps. I could hardly believe it! Sure, it isn’t perfect, when did people expect perfect? Bok-gu jokes that if Min-gu is her stalker, he better give up the ghost now. She tries to find him at his old place to no avail, as his former landlady tells Eun-seok that he ran away with some unpaid rent. How could anyone possibly write that well??? I’ll probably post something about episode 2 as well, but usually nobody ever replies to me so I think I might stop if that happens again. There are also lots of metaphors and symbolism in the drama, but I only stressed out those important yet unnoticeable parts.

When the girl woke up, the man turned back and gave her a proper hug, and then, she closed her eyes again with a smile on her lips and took another nap, peacefully and happily. It was my second K-drama after Full House, and I think I didn’t watch the ending because it was too sad Oh and the soundtrack- simply amazing!!! LOL hahahaha He’s actually making a film each episode. Well at the time I was a noob to kdramas. No joke, he really is a professional loser. It’s been very long time since my last post here on Soompi. He would definitely not think about ratings if he’s directing.

What’s more, I discover a beautiful Kim Sarang.

Love Rain Episode 12 [English Substitles]

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I have never watched this PD’s work but I actually love the slower pace he has set.


This was one of the first Kdramas that I watched that I thought the ending sucked. There are a ton of repeated actions and reactions by characters that can be made into one of the easiest drinking games ever — and one that will land you dramarcazy the floor pretty fast.

Vic March 12, at Up until that point, what I call the “set-up” the part that lets the audience know who everyone is seemed like a very confusing mish-mash, but I had to watch it to know who everyone is. I think Yoon PD doesn’t care about the ratings anymore. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

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Please enter your username or email address. This drama wasn’t bad for me when I first watched it.

I love how every single thing in this drama related to each other. Two people in two different places reach for each other across space and time, with the scenes intercut to give us the idea that a metaphysical tie already exists between them.

Besides, we are now 2 episodes in. Too many people are focusing on Yoona and JGS, there are plenty of others in this drama. Its the first drama I’ve ever hated. But they are usually loved by critics and this kind of film do well in eppisode ceremonies.

I agree with people who say she doesn’t have much screen presence. Inha then decided to let go of his feelings for Yoonhee even though it’ll hurt him. Love the ending, though. Sure, it isn’t perfect, when did people expect perfect?


I for one, liked the kiss! I had to wait an hour to see 15 minutes of an episode or something like this. As he takes her home on a motorcycle, we get small flashbacks into their past.

Nostalgia not nostalgic My bad. I was a big fan of Rain too after Full House, but after watching some of his other weird works like Sang Doo! I admire the cinematographer for showing what Yoon PD wants to express. He obviously isn’t going to get one right away, and finding an old broken one was actually kind of funny. It’s like an “Indie Film”.

I will wait for this show until its finished and then I will watch it with subs. I smell a guilt complex. It’s funny that I dont even remember Lee Ki Woo. It would be so awesome and all There’s no reason they couldn’t be together. Painter22 October 7, at 1: He worships the ground his brother falls on. He realizes his mistake to follow the path of revenge, knowing that this is what his brother always lectured him about.

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