In avoiding doing too much, too much restraint was exercised and they wound up doing too little. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. The password reset link has been sent to your email: Value for Money Pinoy Rebyu Score: Mayohan shines in its simplicity, letting the purity of young love speak for itself. Concentrated Nonsense cinema edition.

Inside Job Charles Ferguson, She is kind but cruel. View All Audience Reviews. They are there for the end-of-May celebrations. But beneath that lies a pretty clever dissection of attitudes towards provincial life. Film Blogs From Elsewhere. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

Lovi Poe stars as the barrio lass who yearns to leave Infanta, Quezon for the city. HarryTuttle is back – The blogger HarryTuttle comes back on this blog after discontinuing it for 4 and a half years, under the name Benoit Rouilly.

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Mayohan – Pinoy Rebyu

Log In via Email. AnaPhilippinesTwitch. It is the last sweet and innocent summer rural summer romance right before everything changes and turns into another gritty urban melodrama about poverty. Last Night with Riviera.

As Lilibeth, she had the tricky task of portraying two equally compelling sides of her character. All this comes across with daring subtlety, all the darkness of this tale just hanging around the edges. Articles, Discussions, and Other Stuff Post Share on Facebook.

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Leave a Reply Cancel moviie Enter your comment here Not Coming to a Theater Near You. View All Audience Reviews. In this beautifully shot and sensitively written film about first love on the sandy shores of Infanta, Quezon, Lovi plays Lilibeth, a barrio lass who yearns to escape their small town.


She is virginal but carnal.

Click here for Links of Other Films Mini-reviewed: Film Studies For Free. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on Spot. The Search For Weng Weng.

There are no featured reviews for Mayohan at this time. What Men Want certainly is not a rote and recycled fantasy rom-com awkwardly grating on the nerves – For those anxiously hankering for a gender-swap follow-up to Nancy Meyers’s hit fantasy comedy What Women Want you are in luck as director Adam Shank Edward Copeland on Film.

The film does a really good job of capturing that feeling of being completely enamored for the very first time, the rush of hormones coming through the screen.

Extra-credit reading and viewing – Brown Derby lunch menu. April Film Preview – Summer blockbuster season is just around the corner, but there’s no need to wait until then to see a great movie.

She is kind but cruel. Lovi deserves the Cinemalaya best actress statuette. Southeast Asian Film Studies Institute. But beneath that lies a pretty clever dissection of attitudes towards provincial life. In avoiding doing too much, too much restraint was exercised and they wound up doing too little. The film plays with the perception that the provinces are still backwater places, where young girls are virginal, and people are far more polite. Inside Job Charles Ferguson, Bamboo Gods and Bionic Boys.


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Movie Night : Mayohan

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Michael Mirasol – The Flipcritic. While it does make it to that feel-good destination successfully, the journey was largely uneventful. Kung Fu Cult Cinema. Pearls from the Cinematic Garden. Looks like the email you typed in is already used in these Summit sites: There is certainly room for something a little truer.

New Home – My writing — about mayohab, not film, at the moment — can currently be found at my new blog: As a romance, Mayohan hits all the right spots: Mayohan is a window into the life of this potentially tragic Filipina heroine. From Click the City.

Lovi Poe won the best actress award at the Cinemalaya Festival for her role in this film, and she well deserved it. Mayohandespite its limitations, speaks clearly about young love.