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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Submit a new text post. What’s it called when I try to make joke and it has absolutely nothing to do with reality? Obviously there is tone and context lost while writing on the internet, as is clear here. There’s definitely something weird going on with Jamie It’s a joke about how Christianity is the only OK religion in America. Not too much of a joke but eh.

Where can I watch the “Mythcrackers” Epsiode? So many crazy events have happened on “The Simpsons” that “MythBusters” hosts Savage and Hyneman are testing their favorite Simpsons-inspired myths to see if it can be replicated in real life. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but, as I mentioned, it made it difficult to take the conversation seriously. Dumbest thing I’ve seen in Simpsons.

He says nothing in the video that reasonably supports anything the subtitles said. The Simpsons season 23 episodes American television episodes Valentine’s Day television episodes. You are free to offer your opinion respectfully, but comments or posts intended to demean a group, acontextual expressions of bigotry, and the pejorative use of slurs is disallowed.

Also, if you self-proclaim your nerddom, you are probably not a nerd. At first, the students are fascinated by the myth debunking.


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Scripted shows just don’t maintain quality into double digit seasons. Third-Party Licensing firms are often scams. If you’ve ever watched the Simpsons before, you’d know that they often make jokes about things that are currently popular in Pop Culture.

Good heated convo though! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If the video description says: Maybe they’ve just modified the format to appeal to a larger demographic, maybe they’ve lost their touch, but the new episodes appeal to me much less than the old episodes.

D’oh! ‘MythBusters’ to take on ‘The Simpsons’ best stunts

Nick voice Jamie Hyneman The great white shark’s genetic healing powers have been decoded: And thus is our respectful disagreement. Chuck SheetzMike B. Yes No Report this. Although The Simpsons can always fall back on having way more seasons than any of the other cartoons.

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I mean I really think Family Guy is a fucking turd now and it angers me to see other people enjoy it! Retrieved from ” https: Audible Download Audio Books. Direct links to major video sites are preferred e. No one likes it and a marker not being in the right spot is not a serious issue, especially to beak someone on camera about.

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We all like to get childish sometimes, lol so I do it. It also doesnt matter that the camera man was mentioned only once, he was still mentioned.

Homer, Marge and Bart bail him out and catch up to Lisa and Nick just as they begin rowing their boat through the river to the tree. Moe and a group of ancillary characters come in and congratulate the show for reaching episodes, but Lisa using a Simpsons guide book tells Moe and the others that this is only the mythcrzckers episode.


It’s a very elaborate process that we went through using three or four different technologies that we’ve used over the years in special effects. Now, I’m just referring to this particular case and maybe the glee episode but there are numerous reasons why I dislike the new episodes, the writing has deteriorated, the jokes are less witty, the cultural references are more forced and a lot of the plots seem like recycled plots from old episodes granted, it’s difficult to stay original for 23 seasons.

Since airing, the episode has received mixed to negative reviews from critics. If he has to sort through pens to find the sharpie then the guy isn’t doing his job.

Where can I watch the “Mythcrackers” Epsiode? : TheSimpsons

But there’s a weirdness to standing next to a 5’11” tall Homer Simpson proportioned correctly to the cartoon in real life. I don’t recall saying that. Show was simsons for a while, but ever since it got renewed I loathe each episode more than the last and everything about it for the record I still like all of Seth Macfarlane’s other shows.

Like I have idols too that turn out to be asses.