Rani Kapoor as Coco Cherian Rest of cast listed alphabetically: She asks him to come home and she’ll explain it all, but he says coldly he has a lot of work and he could be a while. He tells her he’s seen Karl, and Steph says she’s fine, whatever Karl said. He asks if they’re still in touch, and she says no. Toadie suggests Callum should check with Rani first. You two look very loved – up! Lauren says Sonya could have come to them first, or she could have thought about the consequences.

She bursts into tears, and adds that her two sons could go to jail. In time, Sonya claims, Lucas will realise that cancelling the wedding was a big mistake. I knew this would happen. Rani avoids his kiss, and says that kissing is for rehearsals. She was alone and had no money – that’s why she had to do the photoshoot. Rani goes out, leaving Bailey and Callum looking fed up.

Lucas and Vanessa’s Flat Sonya and Vanessa have a chinwag. She says she was crazy about him. Carol has another reason for meeting Georgia, however; she encourages her to apply for an emergency course she was interested in, and says she’d be happy to put in a good word.

Must have been some talk! Sonya invites her to stay for a piece of her own cake. Full Cast and Crew. Search for ” Episode 1.

Georgia thanks Kyle again for his support, and tells him she’s meeting her nursing manager Carol later, to discuss going back to work.

Unfortunately, Vanessa is heading towards the garage with Patrick, and sees the pair hugging through the window.

Cal admits that the rose petals and picnic did seem to go down well, despite their flaws. Rani goes off to rehearsals.

He tells Bailey to watch and learn. Add the first question. Kyle and Georgia come in looking happy.


While Kyle gets drinks, Georgia heads straight over to Kate for a gossip. Toadie neighbouts what’s been happening. He tells Vanessa about the email from Alek, who claimed to be married to her.

Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes. Sonya asks if there’s anything she can do.

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While Sonya goes off to speak to Vanessa, Toadie sits next to Callum and asks when he’ll find out whether he got the part in the play.

No 30 Toadie asks Callum how the audition went. Kate Ramsay Chris Milligan Mason tells her they’ll get through it. She walks off, saying she has a family to keep together. Vanessa is worried that he won’t forgive her, but Sonya says he loves her. He goes on to ask her why she leapt out of the hot tub so quickly earlier, but Georgia just makes excuses again.

Edit Storyline Kyle greatly enjoys celebrating Georgia’s job readmission in the hot-tub, but she soon bails on a faint excuse, only to come to her senses about his devotion after a pep-talk from his ex Kate. Vanessa knows she should have told Lucas about being married to Alek, but she thinks calling off the wedding was a bit extreme. Lucas and Vanessa’s Flat Lucas comes in to find Vanessa packing clothes into a suitcase. He is much better than Callum, and he and Rani are just about to kiss when Callum shouts “Cut” and walks Bailey away.

Harold’s Store Karl has heard the news about Georgia applying for the course, and gushes to Kyle about it. Written by KGF Vissers.

She shakes her head: Harold’s Store Georgia relays the news about the emergency course eipsode Kyle, explaining it’s always been a long – term goal of hers to work overseas. He says he can’t, because of the business, but doesn’t want to stop Georgia doing what she wants. Steph acts innocent, and agrees that Alek must have got mixed up. She apologises to Sonya, and says she’s going to need all her friends because the next couple of months will be tough. Vanessa takes off her wedding ring.


I think that it’s really nelghbours. He tugs at a rope which he’s rigged up under the gazebo, episide nothing happens, forcing him to extend his repertoire of compliments. How do think I am? I thought you’d say that. She’s also brought some beers, and offers to cook him some steak.

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Kyle asks how long the overseas posts tend to last, and Karl says he’s known people who never came home! No 32 Mason challenges Lauren about what she said to Sonya.

She adds that she’s got to get herself sorted first. I mean, I didn’t even know you guys were having trouble until Sonya told me. No 30 Sonya tells Toadie that Lauren walked off on her, because she holds her responsible for Mason being arrested. He has surmised this is because she was totally neiighbours love with Alek and devastated when it ended, and couldn’t bear to revisit matrimony as a result.

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There’s a knock at the door. She smiles, glancing at Lucas. Callum says not as well as he hoped, episoed Rani has to give him the part because she’s his girlfriend. Toadie points out that Mason used their wedding as a cover for the robbery, but Sonya says if the situation were reversed, she would probably feel the same.