Good special, musical note nipple is pure win lol. I re-watched the ending three time in a row: I finally found something better than Bokura Ga Ita. At least this is one of the episodes where wasn’t such a huge jump in months in the same episode. Be part of our Orchestra! Though Nodame looked really funny in that costume but suits her of course xD.

Live well – Laugh often – and Love much. This episode was great! I’ve trying to find it for a while Enter your search terms Submit search form. Too much consistency to just be cut footage. Live well – Laugh often – and Love much. Well, this episode really delivered. Nodame was just gorgeous, the music she played and that hit she put on Chiaki.

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And this episode was also full of music too. I was able to narrow down to this song: D Too bad it was shorter than the usual episodes. You are encouraged to visit the websites of the artistes and musicians you like, and to BUY the music. Still a great scene though.


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Subscribe to Nodame Cantabile Resources: Squeed like a rabid monkey. To have the best death, you must honor life. BBCode Hear the word. Mood swing in full force.

That kick by Nodame at the end when he took the picture had me laughing in tears. I mean what the Episide. The recital was just awesome. In fact I love it whenever Chiaki and Nodame interact. Sorry for the typo, hehehe I love Nodame Cantabile. P I forgot the name of that mode Pparis part of our Orchestra! Can you tell me what the title of song when Nodame, Chiaki, Tanya, and ‘i forget the name’ have arrived in castle mozart freaks castle???

Nipple eighth note tans ftw. Preview Manga Manga Store.

This is one of the few shows out there that never lets me down. Brilliant episode, had everything. I loved every second of this episode. DreamsnWishes, let sandra8green say what he will Both Chiaki and Mine suffered a lot.

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It should be this one Love the musical note nipples. Simply the best episode of the best series first and second season I mean released in the last two years. Oh god that pzris some bad karaoke from Kanjisub Nodame keeps getting better and better!! All feedbacks are very much welcomed and greatly appreciated.


I’m glad the recital went well.

I saw them and laughed so hard! At least this is one of the episodes where wasn’t such a huge jump in months in the same episode. Nodame needs to get an agent if she’s going to be taking on jobs, Auclair could probably recommend one if she didn’t like Chiaki’s. Can anyone tell me the music played by Nodame in piano while she’s in a preschool surrounded by kids and Chiaki approaches him. Finally, I get the music and the romance I want!

They are so cute for words!! Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.