Would they regret their Uncle’s challenge? The cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one. Those ‘people’ are called vampires. Thus, Yuuri’s birthday is made all the more special. Will he even want to leave? Changeover by leave it or take it reviews Ryoma’s attitude takes a turn from confident to something much darker. Sakura doesn’t deem herself worthy of love, and Sasuke doesn’t either – doesn’t even think he’s capable of it. It’s a timeout from the usual basketball story line into one that shows the romantic side of things.

They came under a different name but were still the same. In his second year of college, he meets up with Naruto and falls in love, but is that ever enough? Or will some four-eyed freak take Ryoma away from him? Strings of Fate by Sanz0girl reviews For as long as Ryoma could remember, he can see the red strings of destiny connecting people together. And he’s not taking no for an answer. A certain raven-haired boy comes along and tells him otherwise. His father never cared about anything but tennis and women. It was a very short red pleated skirt with ruffles at the bottom, puffing the skirt up.

Look into my Eyes by AnalogyOftheSky reviews Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and the SPR is about to find how true those words are with their latest case. Fuji lived with Tezuka, and they are hosting Ryouma in their apartment for a year. AU not figure skaters Yuri!!!

When what lies at the heart of the King might be what saves Kaoru’s own heart. M – English – Romance – Chapters: With high strung emotions, an fennis scientist, the paranormal, tests and exams, what could possibly go wrong? This is reality and we need to face it. AKA Viktor is a living legend of ice skating who falls in love with the cashier of a convenience store. Love will find a way by EricGreater76 reviews The boy, who is a dense boy, he always do everything by himself, he silently bears all sufferings, he always cares a certain hazenut hair girl.


Told in one-shots, drabbles and the occasional actual plot line. Will Kenshin be able to keep his distance?

M – English – Adventure – Chapters: Harry loses his way trying to hide from the pain of his past, luckily he has love to guide him home. Kissmark, Notebook and a Wish by akai chibi seme reviews Ryoma met a weird notebook that can talk pf move just like living things.

Prince of tennis – Episode 36

Seigaku and Hyotei regulars watch what Ryoma and Jiroh do in their sleep. What they are missing may not be as obvious to Yuri, as it is for Victor. However, her elisode doesn’t wish to let her go, and so, gives chase. Naruto couldn’t stand by anymore and watch him break. Viktor would beg to disagree.

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Pure Rukh by MizukixTsukiyomi reviews A whole different world, culture, and war is presented to the miko after being sent away from her friends. The Royal Game by KitKate18 reviews It’s summertime, and the boys have been invited to the greatest tennis summer camp: And the stakes are high.

Attack on Titan Shingeki no Kyojin Possession by SpiritWave reviews Kuroko finally realizes who he belongs to. RyogaxRyoma Prince of Tennis – Rated: The regulars begin to plan with the help of a cute little girl. But what if he’s not as strong as he seems? Atobe can’t keep his mouth shut. Bronze Ancient Keys by animelover reviews Hundreds of years ago in the time of the ninjas, a mysterious man showed up in the middle of the fourth shinobi world war and had sealed hundreds of ninja into bronze keys that were lost after the war.


Caught Between Light and Darkness by Jaheira reviews Kai is having strange nightmares, but is that all they really are? Focus by Sweedy-sama reviews Ryoma is distracted by Tezuka and that’s how it all begins. Ryoma, Seigaku – Complete. Katsuki Yuuri is not amused. He hates the loneliness and the pain that comes with knowing that he would never be good enough, never perfect, never what they wanted him to be.

Out of Sight, Out of Psych? She loves making their lives a little more painful everyday.

He saved her team. Events force him to face that Mr Potter may not be quite what he has assumed all these years. The Boy In Blue by Collegekid reviews Shawn’s nightmares all come true when he finally ends up at the police academy, and it’s not by choice.