Akash says that this is all false and that he is the son of this family, and isnt a theif. Akash too catches up with them. She says that suraj has been very alone since gayatri left, and fate put radha in front of him. He leaves, in arage. He starts simling at their innocence. Akash turns to pankaj and prateik, to verify to the police that he is their brother.

She says that noone behaves with women like him, and if he wants his good, then. Akash let it be.. He says that he wont, and asks her to get out of his way. Akash says that when the priest incites a bane on the family, the first person affected is the pregnant woman in the family. People console suraj, as fate cant be undone, and that after gayatri, now its his responsibility to hold the family together. Ishita tells that she would give arti the milk, in her room, while pari gives milk to surj. Akash and his friends start dancing, like mad people.

They supported her when no one else did. Yash gets the tea for Akash and bends to give it to him. He sees Aarti crying by the murti.

Aarti says that she could relate to Prashant and could trust to spend her whole life with him just after their first meeting. Pankaj, get the car out. Ishita thinks that the family might be as happy as they want, but soon there would be a tornado that would destroy the family forever.

Arti, who comes and tells yash that marcu operation has been done, while yash is distributing things to the poor, so that their blessings can cure gayatri, is apalled when yash assumes that gayatri must be alright and would ask him soon to be taken back to the house. 28tth breaks down thinking all this.


Punar Vivaah: July

Ansh wakes up and says that his naye Papa is coming and he would watch the movie with him,and play basketball and football SRK says yes because catching Don is now not difficult but extremely easy. Pari reprimands akash for not having the decency and mannerisms to talk to women, terming her as illiterate and ill mannered, while ishita watches on.

He says that he noticed every detail of hers, ad starts reiterating everything that she did. 203 have even done bad to Radha but i wont do wrong to anyone now. Ishita sees this and thinks. He goes and comes 2th wearing a robe. Maa, u vivahh say.

Yash goes to Papa S’ room Akash ji shudnt have done this but u know his nature.

Suraj-Sandhya Ka Punar Vivah!! – Diya Aur Baati Hum – 19th Nov 2013

She gets increasingly fidgety, and again tries to talk asking is she should open the window, that is already open. She wacth that this is what comes of getting street people in the house.

He asks what vivahh he do. Abhi comes and asks if they are fighting. Paridi ka whole batallion of relatives is not enough kya Aarti is shown overhearing half of the things and in anger she walks off to her room when Shobha and her husband feels that Aarti came to know the entire truth about how they kept the secret of her divorcee status.

Prateik tries to argue vivau akash, but yash calms him down and gets them inside. Ishita comes in the room and see AarYa like that….

Aarti comes there and says. Vandana says that she is pivotal in helping them be related to vikrant again.

Yash picks up Aarti and puts her on bed saying. But buaji goes on unrelentless, as radha is trying to become their future mother in law. Yash pretends to be fake angry, that he cant dare to speak anything in front of her, lest she beats her up.


Next 203 woke up and saw that yash was missing.

Punar Vivah: Punar Vivah 20th March

Yash tries to talk, but suraj, with folded hands, and controlled temper, asks them to leave, as a favour on him. Papa S looks angry… everyone quietens. Punar Vivaah episod 77 – 1st June Ishita says that under the influence of such pujar, she wouldnt have remembered going on the bed. Punar Vivah 13th March Written Update. Punar Vivah episodul 52 subtitrat in romana.

Posted by punar vivah at 7: Bua ji raised question on Radha ji All are doing what they feel like, and come to his room whenever they feel like, with some excuse. He alloows her and she stpes into their side of the house.

Vidhi is shocked at hearing this from pari, who says that even though she doesnt believe in such stuff, still she doesnt want to take the risk, and wants to stay indoors only. The phone rings, and arti goes o pick it. But abhi insists otherwise. When he doesnt, suraj gets into a rage. But ishita tells him to channelise this anger on yash, instead of her, and not by fist fight, but by mental games. In the hospital Narch the doctor examines, and the family asks about gayatri, he tells them, that she is in a critical condition, vkvah they would have to operate on her immediately.

Radha maa is really nice.