Your first task will be to make yourself a way inside the fortress and find a Keg of Shindigger Stout, They can mostly be found on the side rooms down the stairs. Hearthstone back to Hammerfall, turn in [37]Guile of the Raptor. Kill nagas until you have 5 Daggerspine Scales. They have another mission for you. Kergan is in the other house, on the 2nd floor. Once in Auberdine, get the flight path from the Hippogryph Master, then take the boat back to Stormwind. Now return to the Crossroads and turn in [16] Altered Beings. Head back to the Waterspring Field and take on the tougher counterparts of the Wastewander syndicate.

Fly to Southshore , turn in [40] Down the Scarlet Path if you did the Scarlet Monastery instance, you probably don’t have this quest anymore, so just ignore this. Get back on the road and go north, past the twin colossals, then turn west to the Ruins of Ravenwind 41, Must have skipped some quests or something. When we first start, the shredder will run around at random for a little while, until the goblin learns to control it. I hope you enjoyed this guide. Once done, return to North Point and turn in both quests. Go back to the Marshlands and kill Dinosaurs while looking for crystals until you got 7 Power Crystals of each color and found the Mangled Journal.

Proceed with the next paragraph. Turn in [47] Thadius Grimshade at Thadius Grimshadehe’s inside the big tower, on the highest floor. Go up the stairs in front of the inn and turn in [38]Call to Arms.

TEMP Altar of Goc and that Goc has not been summoned

North of the well, under a gazebo structure you should find the Highvale Report 29,46burn it. Views View View source History. Once back outside, stay near the east wall and look for a path into the Lower Wilds a little before you reach Camp Wayer so you sndsorrow have to cross through the Horde camp.


Kill them until you get 10 Singing Blue Crystals. However, our direction of approach softens the blow considerably.

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After killing that gorilla you have another 10 seconds until Konda spawns also level Get all their quests:. Go inside the cave at Marshall’s Refuge and go to the end of it where you’ll find a little gnome named J. Their leader, Sandscraperresides here in his cave.

They give between XP and XP each. Requuires will be a 2nd and a 3rd ambush, be prepared for them. The next time we come to Stranglethorn Vale will be the last, so you required make sure to have all 4 chapters complete as soon as possible:.

Ride west to the Harborage 25, All of your work is much appreciated Joey. Kill those nagas until you have 10 Akiris Reed. Fight your way back out — don’t get caught in respawn — and go east once you reach topside.

Once she is dead, Climb back down the tower and talk to Gilthares Firebough, the blood elf, and get his quest, [22] Free From the Hold. After you have escorted Galen successfully, go southwest to 47, Just west of Lotwil Veriatus you will find a lot of Lesser Elementals.

Two big bugs will spawn that you don’t want to fight. Then go talk to Zamek who is just south of Pozzik, he should have a blue question mark over the head.

The escort quests are hard to do solo especially for certain classes. If you happen to see a Vale Screecher, kill it and use Yeh’kimba’s Bramble on the corpse. Megs Dreadshredderlocated just east at the Dunemaul Recruitment Camptries to “recruit” these ogres into the Horde. However, you might be unlucky and never get a wandsorrow, so don’t worry if you miss it, it’s optional. Focus holw accomplishing the latter two tasks first if you can, but don’t force the issue.


Also, if you’re lucky requiges I was, the trash you inevitably have to wqter can drop a quest starter, Shattered Necklace, which can be turned in in Ironforge for an extra exp, bringing the grand total up to 17, extra exp. You can use any addon you like, but here’s a very simple one I use. Once you level, head south to the bunker and turn in [16] Kolkar Leaders, then get the follow up, [18] Verog the Dervish. Just check the chicken’s health regularly. When ready to go, fly to Thelsamarturn in [39] Badlands reagent run.

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Try to find level 42 or 43 ones if the level 44 are too hard for you. Now go west across the lake and keep going west until the Bal’lal Ruins 29,20clear the camp and click the big tablet named “Moon Over the Vale” and loot the scroll. Take the halfway-down door and turn right.

At 39,41 go east and you will find Venture Co.

From Stonard, follow the road west and then go north to the bridge at 23,