Jianhao posted on his insta and all his “fans” started attacking ridhwan without knowing his story. If you don’t like what you what read, then feel free to leave. Using the word, hurt , to divert attention away from the fact that she physically abused him TOO. Entire post contradicts itself. Dear Ridhwan Azman, I have understand your blog but you can make your own company. This is a great inspiring thread. This is Rushaimi Rifde, Signing off.

Ridhwan, you are not mature enough. Yong December 23, at 7: Don’t know if you would a hater or a fan, cause some hater still care about my social life though they claim I am shit. I always watch their videos when they post on YouTube and I admire Nicole’s confidence and Ridhwan’s diligence. Last week FouseyTube and Thursday, June 25, My Insecurities.

Break a light stick with a part of your body that is not your hands!

I feel like by using the word ‘seeing’ instead of ‘cheating’, it’s making it sound like what she did was less serious. Also you are still very young, still have plenty of chances, so don’t burn too many bridges. Great things you’ve always shared with us. Since Avengers Infinity War is out, here are bunch of people you’d never want to encounter in the cinema Vincent: Go for it, adik!


Visit another newssite Bnewsbd. And after a year, I decided to leave.

Love makes you stupid. I wish you a Merry Christmas, wish you and your girlfriend well and all be the same old Ridhwan. But it is okay. I just came from jumping web pages and found your blog. Here’s some overly exaggerated scenarios of When one has money and fame. Y et she only said both of rkdhwan physically hurt each other and that she hurt him too.

Full story of Nicole Choo and Ridhwan Azman’s Break Up

Neither was I making ends meet. But nobody knows, I put him first.

I left cause I was not earning much. Wishing you and your girlfriend a happy journey in both relationship and every undertakings! Now that I’m in hianhao 30s, have tons of friends, I realize thay i don’t have that same age friend whom I know since I was little.

May god blESS you! Yes, the good articles, before the bad ones were made. I will never come back.

Both of these ways has its pros and cons, it has to be a balanced, or sometimes a gamble or sacrifice. You do not understand that you need MORE than passion in this world. I guess this is goodbye.


Family first broignore the less important aspect of life and carry on with what matters in the long run. Rio Ardi January 3, at 8: I can’t take it. Yong January 4, at Fuck jianhqo, I live my life. Why I am here too is because I told myself, I need to tweet lesser, cause people find it annoying and may unfollow.

.: Leaving The Company

I mean, in YouTube, I can direct, I can script, perform, market, edit. Let me digress a bit but how many of you remember the fake pregnancy ‘social experiment’? But I wanna share my jianjao in friendship, as am 10 years older than you. I hope you’ll have a great year ahead, Rid!