Through accidents and lack of concentration, Robbie is demoted from working on the assembly line, to sweeping, and to being used as a forklift. Retrieved from ” https: Trivia Originally, Rudolph’s name is never mentioned specifically because of copyright reasons. Donner voice James Woods During a Christmas party at Santa’s house, Santa shows off a new modified sleigh design, which includes a built-in GPS system. Robbie manages to rescue Jingle using some toys he made at the toy factory prior. In scenes during the credits, Prancer plays air guitar with a tennis racket, Vixen attempts to hitchhike out of the North Pole, Santa puts out his underwear on a washing line and Blitzen is seen begrudgingly serving his community service by painting dolls of Robbie on the production line.

Views Read Edit View history. In , CBS acquired the rights to the first two specials and recorded new dialog with American actors. Meanwhile, Prancer overpowers Long Eared Jack and discovers that he was the international criminal Carlos the Hamster in a mechanical disguise; Carlos is also jailed. In a way, it makes the special feel longer than it is. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Share this Rating Title: And the icing on this fruit-cake of a mess is most definitely the lack of audio mixing.

As one should readily expect from such a production as this; the charm of this special comes mostly through the voice-acting. But unfortunately, their natural talents do not come through here. Elf 3 voice Alistair McGowan The rest of the cast fills out with your typical selection of varied British talent; who I have to say prove to sound better than background characters and rovbie you may find in a lot of US productions.

Before the event starts, Robbie is forced to leave the race course to rescue Old Jingle, who got trapped underneath his house after attempting to push it back up Pointy Mountain.

Blitzen voice Caroline Quentin Blitzen succeeds in convincing Robbie to leave on his own accord, and thinks that all might be well with the world. The programme was first shown in the United States on Fox Family with the original British voices until Robbie tricks Vorkana into standing on the ship’s teleport pad and sends her to Em, who knocks her out. After coming to his senses from the crash, Robbie uses the nose jump to catch back up to Blitzen. Languages Suomi Ov links.


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Donner finds Robbie, informs him of Blitzen’s vengeful attitude and convinces him to get back on the Sleigh Team by competing in Mivie Reindeer Games; The two find Old Jingle, who trains Robbie with Donner and the elves’ help. Was this review helpful to you? Each Reindeer has their own distinct personality, size, and shape; two of the 9 reindeer are also female Donner and Vixen. Inwhen Hooves Of Fire was put into production, who could’ve known that it would have turned out to be one of the best Christmas films ever made.

Yes Hoovees Report this. It just ends up sounding fake and lousy. To wrap things up, I would highly recommend Robbie the Reindeer: And I have a feeling that these issues have more to do with the Voice-Over Flre than they do the cast.

To salvage their business, the reindeer partner with the Vikings to create a themed disco. Jingle instructs that Robbie only needs to compete in and win the Steeplechase to solidify a position on the team.

Hooves of Fire is the first installment of a trilogy of half-hour Christmas television specials produced and animated by BBC One between reinfeer The sound is just left og, at the same level and the same EQ throughout the entire film. She encourages him to repursue getting fit under the instruction of his father’s former coach, Old Jingle, a mad elderly reindeer who lives in a teetering house atop Pointy Mountain.

Old Jingle voice Tony Anscombe Comic Relief Narrator voice Ardal O’Hanlon Klaus, and the literal Santa Baby; all have big white beards and mustaches.

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In scenes during the credits, Prancer plays air guitar with a tennis racket, Vixen attempts to hitchhike out of the North Pole, Santa puts out his underwear on a washing line and Blitzen is seen begrudgingly serving his community service by painting dolls of Robbie on the production line.


Interestingly, though, this special was given two dubs: Unfortunately, robnie got two problems facing him.

Santa Claus voice Rhys Ifans Robbie and the other reindeer now run a bankrupt holiday resort. The elves have been suited up with furry-hooded parkas and snow-mobiles. And with these accents comes a lot of regional humor and forms of speech that allow for certain gags and jokes to work especially when it comes to certain regional terms that would not work without the accents. Perhaps the biggest issue of all that I had with this dub was the timing, because it managed robble screw everything up; especially when coupled with insincere line readings.

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During the wedding, a voice telepathically warns him of the end of the world and he runs out mid-ceremony in panic. Retrieved from ” https: And it completely takes me out of the experience at every turn.

It gives the dialogue flavor and a little extra pizzazz, which allows the script to avoid being dull. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

CBS stopped showing the program movvie the holiday season, after which Nicktoons Network aired the original British version for two years.

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Share this Rating Title: Blitzen convinces Robbie to propose to Donner and attempts to kill him before he can hear her answer; Donner agrees and finishes off Blitzen in a move that throws him fll into jail. For instance, at one point Robbie is given a cheeseburger and large fries from Blitzen. Blitzen, embittered from Rudolph’s sudden popularity after saving Christmas, plans to prevent Robbie from being part of the sleigh team out of vengeance.