Untuk bintang tamu sih paling suka Park Ji Sung. Kalau nametag ripping kemungkinan besar om jongkook pasti keluar jadi pemenang. Running Man menghadirkan idol-idol yang emang masih imut-imut usia SMA. That could have been the whole hour, tbh. I agree that Kwang Soo bullying Jong Kook is getting too much and repetitive. The whole episode pulled me in considering as fans, we rarely get to see 2NE1 on variety shows. Luncat kana eusi Arip Yeuh!

Contoh aja kayak yg itu, ternyata mereka udah latihan dance dulu di satu ruangan yg sama sehingga pasti udah pada hapal siapa bintang tamu dan timnya. Apa kayak we got married? Banyak konfrontasi seru pas game final ini. The forum itself, not many people actually used. The watermarks actually did go away at times as I just checked a couple of episodes. Ji hyun is awkward here.. Always link the source. They do fast subbing to get fast views to get fast money.

But then one bad catch leads to the jug to burst onto the ground.

D I love all running man shows though I haven’t seen them all. Kayaknya kalau yg game voli diganti sama sepakbola atau futsal, tim idol bakal menang besar gara-gara ada Doo Joon epiaode. Menurut ku untuk episode yang ada kwanghee-nya itu, peletakkan kwanghee disana atas dasar variety bukan karena kelemahan hehehe.


episodd Taeyang’s appearance was practically a drive-by, it was so short – and never got to say goodbye, either. Well, Dara and her palm tree hairstyle never gets old or better yet, are inseperable Especially from her older fans way back in the Philippines since anyone covering Dara always do her hairstyle way back “Fire”. OR just download the RAW file from torrent and then download the dramafever sub when it gets released on the same torrent site.


Han Ye Seul Cameo. Jo PD gives the lowdown: Kalau di negeri sendiri mah masih kalah ratingnya sama program tipi sebelah. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Emang ga usah didonlot, tinggal buffering aja sekali nonton. I managed to download all eps starting from 1 via btdigg search.

Since some old episodes are not easy to find, I collected them from various sources. Sebuah acara variety yang belum pernah ada sebelumnya yang menghadirkan para personil tetapnya adalah Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Song Ji Hyo, HaHa, Kang Gary, Lee Kwang Soo dan Ji Suk Jin, kemudian yang menarik adalah hadirnya tiap bintang tamu dari kalangan selebritis dan idol Korea setiap minggu untuk menemani mereka menjalankan misi dari acara mxn.

Luckily KShowonline picked up where they stopped.

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But she is not going to replace warrior Eun Hye. Ini juga episode berkonsep couple race untuk menentukan siapa pasangan terbaik. I agree that Kwang Soo bullying Jong Kook is getting too much and repetitive. Dramafever is good at delivering the gist of the dialogue, and as such is a lot more understandable for casual viewers, but they miss out on a lot epcrama the nuance and wit that would come from a more literal translation of what’s being said; they also omit a lot of the onscreen text, which often times almost functions edrama an additional character with what it adds to the proceedings.


Oh ya, untuk episode ini Jihyo ga ikutan, kabarnya sih sakit gara-gara kecapean syuting sinetron. You could tell that they were shy but they still gave it their all which is awesome; I love it when female idols are actually game to play and have fun i. Get out Race] April 15 [Episode Wah eplsode telat jawabnya nih.

Thankfully, Dara is mn on her feet and she squeezes the water from her shirt to collect the remaining liquid. Saya sih biasanya langsung nonton online di kshowonline. She gets it back and hands it off to Gary, who tosses it back-and-forth with Haha a few times.

A text finally explains their mission here: Hari ini, kreativitas emang elemen paling eldrama di segala bidang. I’m no blackjack but I was still so excited to see 2NE1 on the show! Have you been to the site? Downloaded the first ep and was pretty pleased with its quality as compared to kshowonline and others.

KJK busting out the “hip hop ” move was fun to see again.

Ya, adalah Running Man yang debut pada 11 Juli ini sangat disukai di Korea dan menjadi variety show terbaik pada tahun I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. Available in over 52 countries.