Heart-broken he comes home. Finally he decides to work-out and becomes a health freak. Monisha’s uncle Jaspal dies leaving behind expensive paintings and antiques for Monisha. Maya is ready to leave the house with Sudhanshu, but Sudhanshu is doubtful if she can leave Indravadan. Maya wants to clean Monisha’s house and plots to enter her house. Tendulkar took up cricket at the age of eleven, made his Test debut on 15 November against Pakistan in Karachi at the age of sixteen, and went on to represent Mumbai domestically and India internationally for close to twenty-four years. Maya and Rosesh shoot an advertisement with Prahlad but Prahlad doesn’t like Rosesh’s acting. Maya and Sahil play a prank on Indravardhan.

Sahil, elder son of Sarabhai family, upset with quarrel happening between his mother Maya and wife Monisha left home and reached Goa. Retrieved 19 May Finally Indravadan-Maya and Sahil-Monisha go for dinner. He is mischievous and still a child at heart. Roop Kumar Rathod and Sonali Rathod. Indravadan bribes Vitthal and so he gives judgement in Indravadan’s favor. Indravadan hears her and asks Monisha to spoil the plan by doing pest control.

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There are very bad comments for Maya written on the chits. Another psychic shows the Sarabhais their future in a crystal ball. Indravadan takes out his frustration on Rosesh as he could not set a record in the video game. Early life He was earlier married to Iravati Harshe. Maya misses her old servants and hires them back. Sahil isn’t able to travel because of a police case filed by a patient.

Maya and Monisha Wager a Bet

Maya wanting to drive first cooks up a story about a sick child to drive the car. As Sahil tells him his problems, the Sarabhai be is introduced. Add Image S1, Ep9. Maya finds out it was Sahil as the chits were printed from his tablet. Maya and Sahil discover something fishy about Ba. Monisha prepares a speech for Maya on the occasion of daughter-in-law day. Arnab sarbhai Sahil to apologize to Indravadan.


Rosesh breaks up with Yuyu and returns. Monisha confesses and Sahil forgives her. Maya remarks that Monisha has no good qualities.

Sahil tries to get an actor to play the doctor and Indravadan asks the real doctor to go to the Bistro. Sahil gets a maid servant, on The Sarabhais hold a poet competition at their house.

Rosesh discovers something shocking about his birth. They help them get out of the bus. The story of how Maya and Indravadan met in a party and fell in love. Kamal Haasan born Parthasarathy Srinivasan on 7 Novemberis an Indian epksode actor, dancer, film director, screenwriter, producer, playback singer, lyricist and politician who works primarily in Tamil cinema.

Known for her bold onscreen attitude in films like Khwahish and Murder episide Sherawat has established herself as a sex symbol and as one of the most popular celebrities in Bollywood. To please him she make him a meal, which is horrible. Sahil and Monisha plan to shift to Delhi. Finally Indravadan comes out of the Wardrobe.

Rosesh suffers from insomnia due to his incomplete poetry. Maya and Monisha fight to accompany him. Add Image S1, Ep6. Acharya to the Rescue! Everyone’s printed chits are put in the Bowl. Maya finds out that Indravadhan is having an affair. Member feedback about Rambhadracharya: Indian male television actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Indian television actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.


Soniya and her friend bring Ba’s spirit in Monisha’s body to find the papers. It episodee played by Satish Shah. Sahil, Rosesh and Indravadan shift to Sahil’s flat. Finally because of Sahil’s repeated singing of the same song, Maya finds the truth. Maya tries to prove to Monisha sarabai men are rational thinkers. Finally Maya fakes illness and moves to Monisha’s house.

Maya has bet with Indravadan that she can make fool of Sahil. They bet the ticket. Monisha and Maya’s birthdays are on the same day and both want to spend their birthday with Sahil, but only one of them can. When Rosesh finds out, he refuses to come home. Monisha wins a contest and TV actor Patang visits her home.

However, Maya finds out that it was Rosesh who had written about Maya. Maya reluctantly agrees help a destitute girl as a maid to her house. Series shaded in light green are currently in production. Another psychic shows the Sarabhais their future in a crystal ball. Indravadhan and Rosesh decide to lndu friends. Sahil and Monisha have a fight because of Sahil’s crazy patient, Neelima.