I was a fool to ever leave. Sometimes they are in reach, other times, we dive under to grab them. Many local restaurants will cook your fresh scallops, but call ahead to check Back on shore, many local restaurants will cook the scallops for an extra charge. The surrounding water discourages the monkeys from leaving, and a ring of floats and barriers discourages boaters from landing on the island or approaching the animals. A mask and snorkel, gliding over the grass beds in foot deep water is the preferred method. Winter is a great time to shell.

The sounds of summer fun are in the air – the experience is much like a saltwater tailgate party. Two gallons of whole scallops are allowed per person or one pint of scallop meat per person In late or early , the FWC will set the seasons for Gulf and Pasco counties, consider continuing the season structure for the remaining portions of the open scallop harvest area in , and will work toward creating a more permanent season structure for and beyond. Tours of this sort include Seahorse Water Safaris seahorsewatersafaris. Summer is the time when the Florida Scalloping Season officially kicks off. Finding the perfect shell on the beach is a little like buried treasure.

A slew of boats are anchored, dive flags float nearby while snorkels skim the surface. Joseph Bay is August 17th through September 30th. Catching them is easy, cleaning them a little harder and feasting on them simply delicious.

The Sea Hag Marina also has a fleet of foot rental boats for those that want to venture on their own. Joseph Bay is the scalloping area. It’s the neon blue eyes that pop through the scallop opening that catch our eyes.

Joe on Indian Pass. The season for St. While scalloping, it may be helpful to hoe along a few additional items to make the job easier, such as a mesh bag for collecting scallops, an ice chest for storing freshly caught scallops, a scallop knife and neoprene water shoes. A mask and snorkel, gliding over the grass beds in foot deep water is the preferred method.


Once scallops are cleaned, they are placed on ice. For many, this is an annual tradition for families and friends as they gather oprt a day of fun on the water. One of the reasons this area is so ideal for scalloping is the abundance of fresh water springs flowing into the area.

Scallops hide in or top of the seagrass. Licenses and supplies are available at local outfitters. These season dates are for only. It began following us, jumping in and out of the waves One thing is certain: There is excitement in the air. Make sure you have your license.

Another place to go is St. We gawk at the nest, really a work of art particularly when the newborn babies peak out of the sticks, twigs and branches that form the nest. I was a fool to ever leave.

Joseph Bay and Gulf County: In the distance are rows of stacked stone crab traps. Sea Hag Marina, Steinhatchee St. Where to Go Region: However, many choose to wade out from the shore, look for the myriad of glowing blue eyes along the edge of their shells, and scoop them up. Vacations are a special time for creating lasting memories. Sand N Spur offers private and customized snorkeling, sightseeing, and sunset cruises aboard the new Bentley.

Finding a Tour Guide: An oyster knife helps pry open the scallop and remove the precious white meat. If you porf looking for delicious, Florida scallop and seafood recipes, check out this article we wrote about two fabulous Florida cookbooks: Report Issues Report fish kills, wildlife emergencies, sightings, etc.

The FWC moved forward a draft proposal for bay scallop seasons in and beyond scallopkng all open areas. Web design and hosting by Milestone Marketing Assoc. Hammock seaspn mangrove islands dot the landscape and we pass a giant osprey nest nestled into a channel marker. Gulf Coast beaches are considered some of the finest shelling beaches in North America and Gulf County has long been popular with those who enjoy nature at its best.


This region includes all state waters south of the Hernando — Pasco county scalkoping and north of the Anclote Key Lighthouse in northern Pinellas County, and includes all waters of the Anclote River. We all grin as we enjoy the music, but it is a dolphin that got our attention.

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We put on our diving gear — masks, snorkel, fins, mesh dive bags and gloves. This region includes all state waters south of Alligator Pass daybeacon 4 near the mouth of the Suwannee River in Levy County and north of the Hernando — Pasco county line.

Sea Hag Marina Cottages, Steinhatchee. It’s a wonderful family bonding adventure. The sounds of summer fun are in the air – the experience is much like a saltwater tailgate party. The grass is where the scallops are hiding. Central West Florida Location: That indescribable feeling when you find the perfect one — no nicks or blemishes, no barnacles attached — a faultless gem that will help you enjoy your memories long after you head back home.

The depth ranges from four to six feet deep.

Shelling & Scalloping

Sea Hag Marina, Steinhatchee. Monkey Island at Homosassa, Citrus County As the homes fade away, the landscape begins to become more natural. Two gallons of whole scallops are allowed per person.

A Florida scallop scooper willing to travel will be able to harvest these tasty little morsels from June 16th through September 30th. We were fortunate enough to see starfish, stt, seahorses, turtles, fish of all kinds — needlefish, pinfish, sea trout and minnows – and so much more.