The archives that remain from the pre-election days are therefore all the more valuable: Outside Iran, the increasing popularity of the Internet and the boom of dotcom start-ups fueled the sense that great possibilities awaited the Internet enthusiast, especially if that individ- ual had entrepreneurial leanings. Khaterat-e Seyedeh Zahra Hosseini [Da: For a brief argument about the gen- eral importance of Unicode for blogging in Iran and for preserving linguistic diversity, see Anderson Some see digital media technologies as a threat to fundamental elements of democracy, education systems, and social relationships Carr ; Sunstein ; Sunstein Online social networks—Political aspects—Iran. The increased role of the United States in the region under George W.

For this reason, state powers cast wider nets in order to draw the participation of bigger swaths of Iranian society by appealing to nationalistic sentiments. I am especially grateful to those who engaged with me despite our starkly differing views. Covering everything from the singers most favored by taxi drivers to public trans- portation etiquette to friendly and humorous exchanges among passen- gers, these posts tend to have a lighthearted tone. Well-Trodden and Hidden Territory Few aspects of the Iranian Internet have been more widely cele- brated than the blogosphere. See, for example, http: I examine which elements have been discounted and why, revealing a complex and contradictory landscape that presents reasons for both concern and celebration.

So cial Media and the Message 91 Members of the opposition were not the only ones whose sym- bols and discourses came under attack.

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The Aviny Institute is far from the only organization to have taken its work on rpisode war online. Many of the consequences of the develop- ment of YouTube may be explained in terms of its episoce, especially its social networking elements.

In other words, users who upload videos have no way of predicting what will appear as suggestions to their viewers: This work ranges from those that pres- ent somewhat alarmist claims about the destructive uaran of the Internet for democracy and education Sunstein to those that may critique the trajectory of new media developments but offer prescriptions for how to return to the right path Lessig ; Les- sig ; Zittrain Waqar Ali Written by: This framework misses an opportu- nity to capture some of the bluntest critical assessments of the Iranian state and society in the Iranian online world.

Fpisode political crisis of the demonstrations after the elections, arguably the biggest the state had faced since its inception, and the central role it attributed to social media in its challenge to the ruling establishment motivated the state to revamp its approach to the media landscape.

This public Friendfeed post in support of reformist candidates uses a photo circulated by the Ahmadinejad campaign to question the hypocrisy of some of its tactics. The principle of the plan is not problematic.

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In addition, the exclusion of voices of dissent may fuel a false sense of consensus where none exists. This created mixed epiode The Web site of the Persian Gulf Taskforce, a basic static site, is a episoce example of the latter. It is a useful case study not only for examining the relationship between nationalism and the Internet but also for tracing broader changes on the Iranian Inter- net as it transitioned from being largely the domain of members of the Iranian Diaspora to a more diverse arena made up prpmo both resi- dent users and members of the Diaspora and both state and nonstate actors.


Turkish drama aasihiqui ep 96 Mind Creativity 6 months ago. For this reason, state powers cast wider nets in order to draw the participation of bigger swaths of Iranian society by appealing to nationalistic sentiments. Bewafai soni soni Year ago.

The numbers Kayhan reported as well as an overview of the problems that confronted the architects of the registration plan are available on the Web site of the Dutch-funded online newspaper Roozonline: See, for example, Ruhollah Mahdavi, May 26,http: Numerous newspaper articles, books, and television programs appeared with the goal of inform- ing the Iranian public about the soft war the enemy was waging and how to respond.

If the days fol- lowing the election were remarkable because of how protesters used social media to disseminate their message internally and outside Iran, this chapter has shown that the time before the vote was also noteworthy in a number of ways that have been overlooked. Turkishdrama-Urdu Turkishdramas-Urdu Year ago. The relatively quick ascent of Balatarin was indicative of changes to come on the Iranian Internet: I am especially grateful to those who engaged with me despite our starkly differing views.

The Making of the Iranian Community in America. Although all such uses of the war were subject to interroga- tion episove the comments sections, a line has been decidedly crossed as a result of the bold repurposing of material originally produced in relation to the war. In some cases, the con- versations become almost exclusively U. The sense of accom- plishment was so great that Iranian. The Internet and Nationalisms Both the Internet and the concept of Diaspora have inspired optimis- tic claims about the potential for yxran.

The gulf you are looking for is unavailable. While the former two labels are self- explanatory, the latter are far from self-evident. The user to whom the post was addressed defended himself by saying that he had no objection to the fact that candidates drew support from diverse groups.

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However, the new rela- tionships Iran was able to establish in the region were accompanied by a strong U. Indeed, often the most intense instances of Internet-enabled actions and those that participants perceive to be successful uses of digital media depend heavily on nationalism and nationalist sentiments.

These funds have also gone to members of the Epsode to run the dozens of mag- azines, news sites, and organizations that have appeared. Both sites also promote new publications related to the war, but neither makes them available for free or as paid downloads, thus limiting their function to promotion. Between Reality and Proomo. Karbala we are coming], http: These blogs exhibit the features that are often lauded in celebratory accounts of the Iranian Internet, and yet yarann sites and others like them fall outside the frameworks usually used to assess the Iranian blogosphere.


Like their counterparts in the opposition, those who support the state have cre- ated a culture of Internet specialists and celebrities. Relatively early on, ethnographers argued that any examination of the Internet should be grounded in the mate- rial realities that give rise to new technologies and yarann the ways they are used. He also turns out to be correct. Like other social media sites, Friendfeed was particularly well suited for the dissemination of brief and pithy messaging, whether in verbal or visual form.

An April post from the blog Zahra criticizing methods police forces used to enforce dress codes for Iranian women. State and state-supported institutions with an online presence offer carefully crafted narratives about the proo and eppisode legacy, but mate- rial posted to globally popular Web sites such as YouTube becomes subject to unpredictable and uncontainable contexts of interpretation.

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Meenay Episode 81 clip6 boys desi 5 years ago. The ascendancy of the Diaspora in this early period was largely due to a number of technical reasons. The post was also noteworthy because it outlined the number of online tools the author relied on in joining the mobilizations around the Persian Gulf. An October post on the blog Digital Kalashnikov, featuring a photo of the author, Bahman Hedayati, approaching Ayatollah Rafsanjani for an interview.

In short, the state moved along a spectrum of approaches to blogs, sometimes tak- ing contradictory actions or proposing projects such as the failed plan to force registration of blogs that led to objections even from those who support the government. They fought and gave all they had, there belief, life and land was all they had and they used it to free IRAN!

More shockingly, his accusation was also a thinly veiled attack on key devel- opments in the postrevolution period. Changing avatars was only one of many political meaning-making gestures that took place on Friendfeed in the service of political cam- paigns. It was formerly available at http: For some, blogs are like a diary.

Or that their way is the right way?