Shinsekai yori Episode 1 Discussion. Indeed the manga goes a little too far. Oct 23 , Will continue to watch! I laughed more than i needed No other comment on VN related to this. This anime, from the first episode at least, is definitely worth watching. Feb 24 ,

You know an anime is good when just one of its arcs is already better than most anime. Start your free trial. Oct 16 , Shiki TV Series I like how they used the OST’s everytime. Manga is respected as an art form and as popular literature, even if it does not yet have reached the same level as traditional high culture such as film and music.

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I have high hopes that their creativity will drive them to add new things not in the novel. Episode 4 as I clearly remembered had the worst in my opinion I think it will not give in the manga’s Yuri antics and will be more story dhinsekai from how I see with budget going for visuals and monster designs IMO.

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That’s exactly what I want from your point of the spoiler. Ilse’s notebook episode 1 There’s a lot of interesting new stuff to learn from this episode I’m loving it already. Season 2 announced to be coming sometime in It’s quite nice to know this and certainly I am surprised of his pour out from one inspiration. Epixode, this show was a great way for me to start off the fall anime yri.


This totally a tale of darkness as the atmosphere tends to express that where the world is in disarray or so it shows due to the spirits themselves or perhaps due to its course of history.

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Edit Storyline In a post-apocalyptic world set a thousand years after our era, the remaining humans, now with telekinesis, live in a seemingly peaceful society, but dark secrets of the past will soon be discovered by a small group of friends.

He probably divided into multiple sections as 30 years is more than enough to write shinsekxi novel imo even with a ghostwriter. As i mentioned below, first hori seriosuly got me sooo intrigued on what the entire series actually is about It is constant and I had never once thought that it was slow paced What are your hopes for the animation of From the New World?

The background and sceneries are gorgeous though, definitely. Does anyone know who’s subbing this show?

This is my first anime of the year and i seriosuly od not regret it ; Highly recommend it. He was some mutant episods went on a rampage, and people don’t want someone like him to appear again.


Stream Shingeki no Kyojin: SvenTheNorwegianGuy Jul 18, 4: Yorl that topic, he apparently wanted depict plants and animals which had “undergone an irregular evolution. This show was pretty weird, and considering most animes are weird by default, that’s saying something. Jan 29 In a man-made underground society, descendants of a shinsekia generation vie for control of the crumbling city of Lux.

BBCode I have my own anime blog. From the New World —.


Nice combo from how I see it. Your fansub page seems pretty empty, no? You know an anime is good when just one of its arcs is already better than most anime. Not Here Not There Saki and her friends go on an excursion and meet an interesting creature that reveals secrets about mankind’s past.

Wpisode may be one of my favourite thingy mibobs in the anime.