Shi-won speaks up to reassure them that she knows how to do those things, and Mom insists they go over it again before she goes. Gosh, that’s like my childhood idea of a perfect guy. And it brought me back to the time I first knew of them. If we have to watch this scene one more time, I will hurl something. OMG I totally feel you. And the recaps here complete the story for me since I would have lost so much of the significance, cameos etc due to the different culture and country the story is set in. Mom confessed years later that Dad was a complete mess the minute they got home. Was it as exciting as these two?

I was like, LOL, come on, I like idols as well, but how come you’re so into them like they are a part of your life? Firstly, thank you so much GirlFriday for recapping this series. Hak-chan sets up the camera, and Shi-won berates Yoon-jae for ruining her once-in-a-lifetime signed t-shirt from Tony oppa, when he used it to sop up some spilled soy sauce. So why is it on her next birthday, she expects Yoon Jae to get her a ring?? I need all the help I can get He waits in the rain, and a car pulls up. Does your heart race when you see me?

Sinopsis Drama Korea Reply Episode (Tamat) |

Being on the cusp of accepting that it’ll never work out, and then a small intimate gesture reels you back in. He hands Tae-woong his stuff, and Hyung gives him a pat of encouragement before he goes in. And the previous stupid thing where if he can’t get the person he wants he needs to go to the friggin’ beach and try to commit suicide. They have also epsode as to why this is so – why is Junhee’s character receiving so much love in a country who insists that they don’t have gays within their society?


Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Shi-won’s parent is my favorite parents in K drama land too.

Thankyou for the recaps!!! Thank you Answer Me, for all the tears, laugh, giggle and embarrasing moments. I also love the way dad sneakily measure Shi Won’s table everytime he goes into her room.

He goes back up and lingers in his room. Sinopsls am suffering there with you buddy! OMG, this drama brings out the worst side of me, i can’t stop singing it praises once i start. I want all of them to be happy. I have been waiting for your recap on this!!!!!!!!!!!

Gah, Joon-hee needs a happy ending. He finally screws up the nerve to come in… and then turns right back out, too frightened to face four girls at once. Jun-hee, oh boy please, he should have someone special just because those looks kill me. Shi-won yanks his hair and they go at it like little kids, punching and screaming. He only has sinosis shoe. Jessica September 4, at Seo In Guk made himself a new fan.

Omo, are they gonna be roomies?

Sinopsis Drama Korea Reply 1994 Episode 1-21 (Tamat)

I liked that Taewoong knew she wanted a ring without being told. These people will live in my heart!

Life goes on, passion fades, but love can always change and grow. Ahn Seung Ho, right? The person next to you now is what matters! I am also going to take this real slow so that I may savour the drama over a prolonged, extended period — yup that is! And the whole thing about how they explained in the drama how the fandom helps you excel in other aspects of your life?

Must you two have the same taste in everything?! If that doesn’t happen I will throw something at my computer. But it was awesome There were so many ways they could’ve taken it but they followed that one thread to the very end. Was there a two-for-one sale? What am I, some gangster?


Thx for the recap!

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Now I relish whatever that can 11997 found online. Sorry for haggling simopsis top space! It kind of rode a wave of glory that ‘cruised’ onto the shore rather than being a tremendous wave, something iconic like Jay Moriarity’s wipeout moment. The show as a whole was definitely one the best drama watching experiences I’ve had this year, and these recaps have helped me pick up on the pop culture references that otherwise I wouldn’t have been privy to!

Answer Me Favorite. I love that 19977 eats the filling and she eats the cover. Every relationship has its hot scenes but only true love has precious scenes, both on TV and in real life. I think they will kill the doubt this week – I believe there is a contest going on about whos the dad and dgama supposed to be cleared up this week. And while it is a reused plot in K-drama and the Indian dramas i personally don’t like the whole two brothers in love with the same girl deal.

However, I did also criticize YJ for being a selfish dick in his confession.