She gapes to find him walking through her door like he owns the place. Totally with you on this! I’m not sure if my expectations were too high or if I’m just a sucker for teenage angst, but the ending kind of left me cold We are on the same page today Birdy! I feel like I am missing something. I love every single episode!

I found myself thinking back to the scenes when the Father was fighting cancer in the hospital, and everyone with cancer is watching the Kdrama on TV for inspiration, and how the writer made a sudden change and how the actor survives at the end.. February 9, at 7: Ariel September 21, at 8: Whenever I encountered hardships in life, their songs were always there to comfort, and of the things that encouraged me was also them, like, hey, they can endure all those and succeed, so why can’t I? I couldn’t help but think, “A nice maroon would do y’know cordi!!! It wasn’t rejected love. And it brought me back to the time I first knew of them.

Robert Mckee said that, “I’ll tell you a secret. Doesn’t help that criticisms rain down on him all his life. Anyways, I like Go Ara and her character I know, unpopular opinion!

I loved this show. However, Ji Dwi and Ban Ryu’s actions came out of left field. As childhood playmates, as first loves, as lovers, and as husband and wife, we live through the same times, share the same memories, and grow old together. With her, being the one soul who could truly connect to him emotionally, I strongly believe her words are the one that genuinely cast an impact on him.


The Thorn Birds ( TV series) – Wikipedia

Sun-woo asks if that king can save the world, or if he even needs to be alive. As Minister Park sleeps, another black-clad man picks up the dragon-head bracelet and pockets it. Love the cute, sweet scenes with SW and AR. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Han-sung witnesses this conversation and squints at the two suspiciously.

Kiara February 10, at 9: I am half way through and have ranked this as THE nos. Love the drama sooooo much!

D Without these recaps, I never would have discovered this show, and that would be a shame, since I think it’s my favourite of this year! We get rewarded with some answers and even some new surprises, as we close the chapter on first loves and find out how everyone grew up—along with, in spite of, and because of them.

He came to pick her up after his dinner, and joins them.

Family’s Honor 1-54

Episodes by odilettante. I think many of us would be the same way. I fell in love with a guitarist and got obsessed with a boyband. Seo Ye-Ji as Princess Sookmyung is probably my favorite from this show.

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No more excuses for putting things off or running away. I completely agree with you. Soo Ho, I just discovered something new to this non-Korean speaker while reading an article about the Pyeongchang Olympics a year away!


It has been guess-work all along, no explaination. I love the scene with Jun-hee and that red car, we don’t have to know who’s in there just the thought that he has someone and maybe finally he knows his own heart. Shiwon’s parents said that in the reunion. Usually I’d look for the songs after knowing the faces or the idols’ personality. I think you are deluding yourself. Episodes by LollyPip. I wish all the people who don’t understand fandom could watch that part The writer should be less ambition and thornn to focus on a few characters rather than introduce a bunch of interesting secondary characters and failing to tell the stories properly.

And for her to use Aro, his dead friend’s sister as bait for the bait. Soo-yeon is siinopsis when Ban-ryu arrives home for a visit. From the beginning, he was told to strategize in the football match and he did.

Sun-woo flails adorably when he tries to sneak up on Ah Ro, but Su-ho beats him to it.